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MSK1 Survival Kit Review – Long Term Survival Knife Testing

The micro survival kit in the handle of the MSK1 survival knife is from Wazoo Survival Gear so I expected great results but I was pretty impressed with how much useful survival gear actually fit in there.

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29 replies on “MSK1 Survival Kit Review – Long Term Survival Knife Testing”

its made out of D2 steel which is very very hard to sharpen and inherently brittle. additionally it does not preform as promised. i was willing to save up but after some reviews its just a way over priced gimmick. the fishing kit in the handle was initially a huge selling point for me. but in the end that convenience isnt worth the blade itself especially at that price. as a survival aio blade its terrible. check out
ThePreppersBunkerOutdoors videos about it.

Is anyone really going to wear that crazy huge rig on their belt every time they go to the woods? I don't care what's in it. I wouldn't strap that thing on even once. It should come with shoulder straps or a hip bag instead.

Don't visit this channel. The reviewer has been compromised by free gifts to review, DO NOT TRUST THIS YOUTUBER!

It sure looks to be high quality, so that part I don't doubt. The $500 price tag is a bite, even for people willing to pay for high-end gear. I recently paid around $250 for a high-end fixed blade in CPM 3V from Bark River, and for me that was about as much as I've ever paid for one item. I wonder what the wife would say if I laid down $500 for one.

I'm from Germany.
I saw this video und ill say you did a very good job.
I could see so much about the knife and the kid. Now I have to choose if the price is OK o not: I have to do this job only for my person.
If it is to expensive, there are enough other knives, but I love this set.
Its only my hobby, and it is the same like with cars motorcycles or bow…;)

The functions are good und all together it is a knife that I like .

Once again : Very good video, many thanks from Germany.
Sorry about my english;)

I bought the starter kit and I love this knife. I bought a TOPS T1 TRACKER and it gets a lot of crap too mostly by folks that have never used one so these knives are similar in that aspect. I don't always want or need to carry a full size for wood processing and a companion knife for the smaller tasks so this is where the MSK1 is in it's element imo. I use it often to cut 2in diameter trees and sometimes bigger and it does a great job. It obviously doesn't chop like my BK9 but will chop.

I'd pay 500 :). Even with the extra costs and taxes when shipped to Denmark. It's a "complete" system for allot of stuff. Thanks for sharing! And thanks to UST

i think most of the complaining is from people who want to buy the knife but their wives won't let them pay that price lol

In my personal opinion the knife isn't a terrible gimmick, the design is nice and the mini survival kit is technically usable, my only problem with the knife is the steel it's made of

I guess if someone gave me a free knife..I'd play it up have to admit dave flat out lied about the knife's ability

Hello from Oklahoma! Good review! Food for thought if you know what I mean. It might be time for a new stump. I had one in that kinda shape. I went to split a green piece of wood, and the silly thing broke into about 5 pieces. Good job! Love what you do. Thanks. And God Bless!

I prefer pinned grips on a knife Im chopping with, can see it getting loose, falling apart. like the blade design, D2-not a big fan, did not like all those holes in the blade handle – I think it would make it weak, It is kinda' in the shape of a kabar warthog, nice kit, but $500 bucks?, hmmm.

Ive been enjoying your video reviews on the knife. I feel like you’re really doing your best to give the knife a fair shake. And that is really what viewers have come to expect from your channel. Great job!!

Really it all comes down to quality of the heat treatment. There are good knives of D2.

So confidence in the manufacturer is the key.

Pricing is another matter. We have all had very inexpensive knives last for years and hold up well. And some expensive ones that did less well. The 'extras' do not intrigue me. A knife and a simple, sturdy riveted cordura sheath. I like the blade shape on this knife, but in a survival kit I'd still want a wee hatchet. And a Victorinox Alox Pioneer, and a small Silkie saw. No one-tool wonder ever does the job. American fixed blade. Swiss pocket knife. Swedish hatchet. Japanese folding saw.

The problem with this knife is just the price. The shape the steel the grind the handle its all made for a reason i am sure during the knife production they had other options for steel but they took d2. I would buy this knife just with the basic kydex sheet for around 150 to 180 $. Well think about it bk2 is around 72$ on amazon the knife is American made. So lets go back to simple math micarta handle 37 $ kydex 30 to 50 $ D2 blank comparing to 1095 about 20 extra. Final price 159 to 179 depending on Kydex sheet quality. So yes this is way people are trashing the product. The knife as today is for sale with the sheet only for 299 $ this is 120 $ more then acceptable coast for the quality delivered. Unfortunately there are a-lot of quality knife manufactures that have tuned there production coast and material selection to produce a product that is high quality on acceptable price. If I would pay a 300 $ for a knife I will buy a Bark River at least I will get a hand made knife from super steel from a well know and proven brand that has hold up in the test of time.

This is reminiscent of the old trick used in the music industry, to play a badly composed song over and over again on the radio and MTV until people accept it due to fatigue…

If you have money to burn, burn it any way you want. If you don't there are a more cost effective options. The majority of posters have noticed the same thing.

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