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EDC Gauntlet Review- Benchmade 550-1 Griptilian- #KnifeThursday Ep.12 Check Out the G10 Griptilian and any other knife, copy and paste into your browser, or check the first comment.
Always Free Shipping! Check out the St. Nicks and comment what you want to see me review and test in the Gauntlet!
My review of the EXCELLENT Benchmade Griptilian 551-1 with the all-new EDC Knife Gauntlet test! These will be faster in upcoming reviews as I get used to it… Thanks for watching guys!

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For all the effort it takes to make a 30 minute video, nevermind crash testing a product for a month, you'd think they'd just give you the knife.

I personally really love knife reviews where the knives get actually tested. Nothing against tabletops, but I like a nice mix.

Thanks for the vid. Was debating on picking up the 550-1. After watching this, I’ll definitely be picking it up!

Sir, respectfully, thank you for your honesty in your video-opening disclosure.
Good, and very informative video. Thank you Sir, for your hard work in producing this video.

Nice review!! 👍
Having owned a Benchmade 535 for a few months, I've been shopping for my next folder. Really liking this 550-1!
Yes… Really enjoying the 535!

Great video, sir! Your 940 vs PM2 video makes me want to either get a new 940 or just send my old one for blade replacement. I live in the Philippines so it will cost me more to ship internationally.

I am a lefty too. I am glad to see that there are quite a few left handed knife guys doing reviews on YouTube

Revhiker – I really love the knife gauntlet videos! However if I may make one critique; I never see the point in youtubers making such an emphasis to test the knives with a "factory edge". It's unreliable at best and rather pointless in the end because every knife has to be sharpened at some point anyways. Furthermore, a "factory edge" is not a static or "controlled" variable by any means anyways! Most factory knife edges are done by some dude quickly grinding the knife on a belt grinder with the main goal being to get as many knives done as possible in a given day, not putting the best possible edge on the knife.

This point is only further exemplified by the fact that if you took 10 duplicate models of a particular knife (in this case the 550-1) I can guarantee you that the factory edges will all be different to some degree. Some knife may be sharper or duller than others while some probably won't even have an even grind on both sides of the blade! It's just the nature of the beast.
So in the end, having a factory grind is rather meaningless. If you are trying to be as scientific about the test as possible, then your baseline sharpness should be a controlled and repeatable variable. You are better suited doing something similar to what Cedric&Adagear does by using a controlled angle sharpening system to put a specific grind on the knife so you always have a controlled variable baseline.

Good luck brother!

Just ordered this with black coated blade and can't wait to get it! I feel you on losing a favorite knife. I lost a pm2 a while back unfortunately.

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