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KA-BAR Knife Review

Sensible Survival Presents: The KA-BAR Fighting knife. It entered service during WWII and became a legendary weapon and utility knife. Over 1 Million have been made and remain a favorite with Military and Civilians alike.

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Gullible Americans 😂 Just a good sales pitch that obviously worked. “I killed a bear with it”! Sure mate.

Got my Ka-Bar back in the early 80's, even the false edge is sharp. Also, mine has what appears to be a brown finish of some kind. I carry it often when walking in the woods. I am on my second leather sheath, having damaged the first one. I bought a Kevlar sheath for it, but I d not like it, it rattles. So I will stick with leather.

If I wasn’t afraid to join the military I’d do it just to get the ka bar it looks badass I’d also use it for cooking like chopping cilantro or a watermelon

Had a bad experience with a Blackhawk UKSFK , chopped through 4 thin Impala legs and chipped a Tool steel Blade in 3 places. Made in Taiwan. Inferior steel being used? Should this be expected?
What do you knife-fighters think? reply on my Facebook page. Tony Stakes, South Africa.

I'm considering buying a Kabar for my hiking and every day carry knife. A folding knife is good and all but i want a good tough fixed blade knife that will last me a lifetime and from what I've seen and heard about kabars is that they are just that. A knife that does its job

No# 15 o rings between the spacers keep it from slipping when wet or other foreign object is on it

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