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Wilson Combat EDC X9 Range Review In the Cold

EDC X9 by Wilson Combat is an extraordinary firearm. De Horned and Smoothed out for the everyday carry, the pistol is light and has a mild recoil from the slide being reduced by the tri cuts. I am impressed and to say this pistol is not worth the money is a hard sell. With that said, those who can pony up the $2,800 and change will have themselves one hell of a pistol.

Special Thanks to Ethan Manning at Manning & Son for sending the X9 out for Review. Stay tuned for more Reviews sponsored by Manning & Son, we have some really good ones coming up.

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26 replies on “Wilson Combat EDC X9 Range Review In the Cold”

Shooting in those cold temps with gloves, you can’t get a proper grip on any pistol in that environment. My EDCX9 is accurate as the day is long, even splits playing cards regularly! I’d buy another one! In fact I’d buy that one!

I love this gun.
The only thing I dont like is it's missing the grip safety most 1911's have that set them apart from other pistols.I could perhaps do without it.
But is it 4 times as good as my Ruger SR 1911 Commander that cost me $ 729.00 ???
I think not…
I'm not saying Ibwould not like to have one at around $1200.00 or so. But $2,500.00 to $2,800.00 is too steep for me.

I shot my Wilson 1911 so so… until I got a set of nice thin Dawson Precision sights. Problem solved. The wilsons are great for fast shooting but I just couldn’t do them justice with the wide back notch.

I think its cold and effecting you ,you were to eager but i would love one i looked at the 92 Wilson custom i love them both

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Looks pretty controllable with one hand too. Might be your gloves that are throwing off your groups, might also be the temp.

Ohh man I am F-ing JEALOUS!!!! THIS GUN IS BEAUTIFUL! I would literally sell a kidney for this thing,…..I just gotta wait for my mother-in-law to fall asleep, she is way to mean for me to try and take on awake… didnt think i meant MY KIDNEY did you???

always wanted a 45 but sadly with my hand injury I cant keep the grip safety depressed properly

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