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SOG Micro Toolclip EDC Multi Tool Review

SOG Micro Toolclip EDC Multi Tool Review. In search for the idea EDC Micro Multi-Tool continues.

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HEADS UP! A channel titled ( Survival Dispatch ) seems to have stolen your content! Amongst other channels and putting them up as theirs!!

Hey Sootch,

Can you do a review on the GRAYL Geopress? It seems superior to the Ndur canteen and the sawyer water filter.

The steel coming out of china is not great, but its not super terrible either. For the money its a great little gadget. Its not meant to dissemble the space station. Its just nice to have for little odd jobs. Frankly for the price point its pretty snazzy. Great video.

Parabéns meu amigo pela apresentação deste micro tool e le é muito melhor que outros que vi no YouTube. Abraço

Great video. You always include good information and I love how you put the bloopers at the end. Thank you!

Been searching for something exactly like this. Thanks for the review. Usually carry a knife and leatherman wave, but find I need something in between several times. This is perfect.

China. 🙁 Nothing against the country but the steel they use in this type of consumable is awfully soft

Great that you call them out on it not actually having 9 actual tools. Big complaint I always have about multi tools is the marketing saying something is a tool that isn't.

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