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Schrade Survival Kit Review

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The Schrade Survival Kit looked kind of cool and I like survival kits so I took a look to see what I thought. Compass, whistle, fishing kit and matches. Not bad as long as the matches will strike…..uh-oh.


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This is what is wrong with those that are just interested in making a few dollars on this “survival rush”… junk. And so misleading to thise consumers that dont know any better

I like the fact that you give honest reviews.If you like it you tell us and if there is an issue you tell us straight up no holds barred. Thank you for that.

Wait, I'm trying to find the main website for Schrade Knives, but it looks like this company went out of business back in 2004????
How are there new knives being made with that name on them??
Did that name get bought out by someone else?

seems like it be cheaper for them to just buy 250 pack of diamond matches to put in those kits

Your skunk loved those matches. He knows he won't be in the cooking pot tonight!!! LOL!!! Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Give me a ferro Rod, and 2 bic lighters all day long over matches, even a battery and steel wool more so than matches . . . Don't get me wrong if matches is all you have than, u make do best ya can, but schrade is a good company, why they didn't put a ferro rod in there beats me

Thanks for the review. I was thinking about buying it from the website. Everything on there is expensive and wanted to see if the schrade survival kit was worth it. Good think I usually have a lighter handy.

so maybe a conventional match striking technique is better than all this press on it stuff. I dont like Schrade stuff much, th handles are too hard, and maybe orange is better in case you lose this?

Ha, well, I have some survival kits, quite a few. And the main thing I've used almost before any of the other items in the kits is the needle. On many occasions, I've been out hiking either alone or with friends, and me or somebody picks up a thorn or splinter in their hands. This can be one of the most irritating little things, and a needle sterilized in a match usually easily takes care of the problem straightaway. I'll never be without a needle in any of my survival kits just for that reason alone.

Cool little container but I totally agree with the lighter. I know this is an older vid but is that a real skunk behind you at 4:54 or are you messing with peoples heads hahaha

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