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My Wilderness Survival Kit & Camping Gear

A cheeky look at the gear that we carry with us into the wild. Fire Starters, Shelter, Water Purification, First Aid, Navigation, Rescue, Cooking, Food, and more!

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Onetigris Gear Pouch:
Suunto Button Compass:
Strap Bands:
Silva Expedition Compass:
Sawyer Mini Water Filter:
Stormproof Matches:
Ferrocerium Rod –
550 FireCord:
Nokia Phone:
Water Purification Tab: –
Signal Whistle: –
Alu capsule:
Klean Kanteen:
Toaks 450ml:
Wire Mesh:
DD Superlight Hammock:
DD Superlight Tarp:
Alu Tent pegs:
Bivvy Bag:
Duronic Radio:
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pouches:

If any item has not been listed here then that means it was purchased locally and/or has no link available. Sorry!


Outdoor Skills for Wild Camping & Wilderness Survival


11 replies on “My Wilderness Survival Kit & Camping Gear”

Substitute the radio for a good edible plant and survival book for your area. Judging by the add I got for your channel(trump hotels) you’re shouting at an audience that is generally not gonna have a clue about actual survival.

So I'd like to use this bag for weekend outings also, anyone have any ideas for securing the sleeping bag?

It doesnt matter hoe many bars you got. If you call 911 it will automaticly connect to the closest tower no mater what

This guy uses 550 firecord to secure everything! And once a spark hits him, he and everything burns together and well secured. LMFAO! You're hilariously dumb.

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