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Knife Review : MTech Folder (MT-422GY)

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This is an older vid Jeff so you probably won"t see my comment but just wanted to say that I appreciate your non elitist opinion on less expensive knives (as I "m sure the end user of these types of knives do also)…refreshing perspective…

I have an mtech 4 to 4. As soon as I got it home after buying it I was so dissatisfied with him. The only reason why I got it is because I lost my buck Vantage. So as you can imagine I went from an a knife to a D minus knife in one step. The pivot bolt always loosens and the blade has so much give, side to side and up and down. The line of luck is so small I have to use my other hand to open it to close the knife. The metal is so soft, I have to keep resetting it!

To me, this knife is a POS!

My understanding is that plumbers make a lot of money. So if they have a lot of money then its time to buy a higher quality knife!!! Probably not a $300.00 knife but a good functional one even if it is not the Mona Lisa of knives!!! Lol!!!!

I just got a mtech for 9.00$ , I haven't got it in the mail yet but it says it's 440c black stainless steel, so hopefully itlll be an at least decent knife.

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