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Is the Ti Arto EDC Titanium Pen Worth $90? (Review)

The Ti Arto EDC Pen from BigiDesign ( ) is a great concept — it works with almost ANY refill — but is it worth the money? No, I don’t think it is.

When I first saw this pen I was thrill and thought it might be the best EDC pen of 2018, but after buying one and using it I’m less than thrilled. It’s not a bad pen in any way, but it has some flaws that mean, for me, it’s not worth nearly $100. Not when the FXMD ( ) is so good and the Lamy Safari rollerball ( ) is so cheap and so versatile.

This is just my personal preference as a consumer. I’ll be the first to admit that titanium isn’t normally my favorite, I don’t like the visible o-rings, and after using the pen I find the core concept (accommodating any refill) to be less appealing then I previously expected. Having the same pen body all the time with any refill is just kinda dull and, honestly, feels a bit lazy.

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I like having an assortment (design/color/ink) of pens that I can choose from day-to-day according to my mood or circumstance. For this reason, I'm not drawn to the Ti Arto pen. It's a great concept… a pen that can hold many different kinds of refills. I mean, how great is that! The price is a bit steep. Approximately $90?? Maybe 90 isn't much for such a unique pen. While I don't have any interest in it, I do find it to be a great gift idea for a pen enthusiast/collector. The midnight black is quite nice looking. This pen comes in a capless, pocket version in antique black which I prefer more.

I have the Ti Arto. The idea behind it is awesome and their latest release Ti Click EDC would be the one to buy now. The Ti Arto is for me, how Sal describes it too, it's a good pen but I just don't enjoy writing with it. I love screw cap pens, all my fountain pens are screw caps, however, the Ti Arto just 'doesn't do it' for me at all. Mine has sat for a very long time unused. I've only picked it up this week to use in a journal whose paper is not good enough for fountain pen ink! So an expensive pen to have just sat around doing nothing.
If you're looking to buy now, get the Ti EDC Click version just released this month.

Your using it wrong lol. Supposed to loosen the collar then loosen the end. Replace refill then adjust till the refill is at the desired height then tighten the collar. I got it to use Mount Blanc refills and is definitely cheaper.

I have one obtained via the kickstarter campaign and I really like how it works. I am also waiting for the clicky version that is being in production

Thank you for your honest review. I returned mine the same day I received it.

The upper and lower threads and edges dug into my skin, and I don't like to post. I prefer lighter pens.

The ridges on the section only ended up reducing surface area to grip requiring unnecessary extra effort to hold.

I think they focused too much on the perks with a lack of consideration for the comfort of the writer.

I'm curious about the Karas Pen Co EDK GrooVED. They removed the upper knurling present on the original EDK so it doesn't irritate the web of the hand and added some more contouring grips along the section. They made a beautiful all black one for a custom order:

but have since only made some small batch versions in violet and orange. But IKD how it fits. With my luck my grip would fit in between the grooved sections : P but I may try it out in the future.

I've been watching these for a while Sal, but I don't remember seeing any bolt actions. Do you have any?

I’ve owned the Ti Arto for over a year and it’s become my go to pen. No issues with grease or squeaking so far. To each their own I guess.

I have had the Ti Arto EDC for about 4 months and love it. Very cool to change the refill depending on the task at hand for the day. I really enjoy a Mont Blanc refill for a super smooth ball point experience. Only criticism is actual a safety net, unscrewing the cap and screwing to post the cap is not fast, but ensures no ink leaks in the pocket and ruins my pants. Pen is very balanced in my hand and the raw titanium is grippy. Any criticism and qwerks eventually became no big deal after getting use to it.

I was deciding on this or the Tactile Turn glider in titanium. Went with the Tactile Turn for the bolt action, but this one looks pretty sweet too

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