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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – REVIEW – Best Gerber Survival Knife? 31-001901

FULL Video Review and Demonstration of the Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – Is the Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife the Best Knife for Survival in the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Series Line Up?

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As Promised… Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in this Video:

Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife:

Bear Grylls ORIGINAL Ultimate Survival Knife:

Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 Survival Knife:

Cold Steel SRK Survival:

SOG Seal Team Elite – Tactical, Combat, Survival Knife:

Gerber LMF II – Survival Knife:

Gerber LHR – Combat, Fighting, Survival Knife:

Schrade Extreme Survival Knife

SOG Creed – Modified Survival Bowie Knife

Smith and Wesson Homeland Security Knife

Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife


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15 replies on “Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – REVIEW – Best Gerber Survival Knife? 31-001901”

i'm impress a good quality for survival, got 5 star for this Gerber Bear Grylls PRO Survival Knife

Why you paying 70 dollars but in my country I'm paying double like 140+ excluding postage for this great knife?

Full marks to Bear Grylls if it was him who had the idea to make it a hammer at the bottom, for me that is a big plus in practicality. Trouble is it is not on Amazon in the UK at the mo. I wish you had deconstructed the handle even if you had to burn it off so we got that looksie you wanted.

What the point of the screws on the new handle,nothing else is changed-?? old style same well build . old model is proved by hunt scale . don't waste your money.

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