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Ganzo G720 Folding Knife Review

Blade Length: 3.55 inches
Steel: 440C
Locking Mechanism: Piston Lock
Handle Scales: G-10
Weight: 7.23 ounces
Notes: Orange, Olive Drab, or Black handle scales.
Price: $17-22

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One order from amazon that did show up .was two cold steel knives in a see though taped shut shopping bag .

I got ripped off $100.00 by amazon for knives that didn't come and i was not refunded .
I ordered a few knives some that didnt come i was refunded .but not all that didnt come .
And what with the the items ordered not coming .that was one oder had 9 knives the others were single knives all from different places but all the orders didn't come .
I don't use amazon and i don't recommend anyone else does either .i don't do business with thieves .

I think loyalty to a company or a designer ( that doesnt have any loyalty ) is keeping many knife reviewers from being honest and loyal to the consumer and ignoring these good well made Chinese knives .a lot of reviewers are making unfounded remarks about the quality of these knife materials ( what it is the same material with a different name ) .
When they make these unfounded claims about Chinese knives and Chinese knife makers it makes me question their honesty when reviewing other knives .

Just got mine from amazon today. Even after watching all the reviews and reading ratings. I'm still shocked at how well made, beefy and smooth this knife is in my hand

Ganzo knives are great!! But GearBest sucks!!! I got ripped off for $39.00 dollars!! Do Not Buy From GearBest!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the review. Never tried Gearbest before, but i like your vids and gave them and Ganzo a shot. Got the G722OR (same but with liner lock i believe) from them. Super impressed for the price. I stripped it down, sanded the washers, evened up the centering and sharpened it to shaving sharp. Nice blade, thanks again for the review!

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