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Emergency Survival Kit 11 in 1 – Outdoor survival gear tool with survival bracelet.

Here is the direct link to the survival kit in the video:

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I feel like this is one of the best kits for your money. I know they have some better survival kits on the market but I like this one because of the style of the tactical knife, and the style of the compass, looks like a pocket watch.

Outdoor Survival Kit, multi-purpose emergency survival tools with waterproof case for disaster preparedness, outdoor travel, hiking camping. Contains a compass, knife, flint stone, scraper, flashlight, Swiss card, mini light, whistle, tungsten steel pen, emergency thermal blanket, and black waterproof box.

The box is smaller than what it looks in the picture but that can be a good thing it can fit into many storage places in a vehicle.

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23 replies on “Emergency Survival Kit 11 in 1 – Outdoor survival gear tool with survival bracelet.”

the blade style is call a "drop point", correct term ferro rode and striker, that bigger striker also had a ruler on it. (don't mean to nit pick just you sound like a guy who bought the most most "shinny thing" on the market just to say you have one). sorry

Only problem is magnetic compass in a box with metal items? Someone wasnt thinking…liquid filled would have been better

Tbh that's a pretty good kit and fits in your pocket even. I like it and shall save my pocket money to get one and I wonder if you can get them on eBay

I have this kit and I find that the bracelet is bulky. However you can actually use the fire starter in the bracelet. It's a bit difficult so I suggest practice and have easy starting tinder with you.

I did a review of a similar product on my channel but I must say, you did a really good job on this one man. Nice work.

I have spent months studying survival and discovered a fantastic resource at Survivor Crusher System (google it if you are interested)

I have spent months studying survival and discovered an awesome resource at Survivor Crusher System (check it out on google)

Mine come all there every thing was good all works realy good all but the the key chain light was bad over all i like it just wish i came with some kind of cordage.

I don't know if my flashlight was missing a sleeve or if they are all loose. Definitely an un-exceptable fit between battery and compartment.

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