Massdrop EDC 1 & 3 IEM Review | EDC

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Bruce says:

I can't focus on the review because of the amazing quality of this video production. Is it a bad thing? lol. Instantly subbed and you should have way more than 15K. Also you speak clearly, to the point and have very good diction. Keep it up!

Daniel Ramos says:

Should definately add your fav IEM to the amazin link

Nobody says:

How are soundstage and imaging on the EDC 3?

Rohan Malik says:

hey this is the guy from the live from yesterday…..SO the complain about the edc is they're too trebbley, too tinny to be heard for long. and the miss of any signs of smoothening from even slightest of bass just makes them barely bearable after 10 minutes. and if just pair them with a memory foam tip then they become unbearable because there's still no bass and now all the trebble is enclosed inside this seal by the memory foam.

Stamitup says:

Where's the next episode of edc?

nikko gonzales says:

Should i pull the trigger on these guys? Or is there any better than these?

Alias says:

I'd love to see more of this!

Daveraj singh gill says:

Call it D.A.D = Daily Audio Drivers

WookieWoolie says:

Keep these coming.

dragon ballz says:

Why dislikes are you guys dumb…??

D Fung says:

Would you review the campfire audio comet?

Critique Truth says:

That is a beautiful place😍 So calm & colourful ( trees)💖

Hector Ruiz says:

Dude…you're reviewing audio gear, and you don't know the difference between the sound of ducks vs. geese…you earned a fail.

TrueBlueGamer says:

It's a shame you limit anything under 500 Dollars, RHA's CL2 Planar are 800 Euros but are super apt for listening on the go, or anywhere really, due to the Bluetooth neckband that they provide with the pair.

Regardless, love the idea for this series. Hope more people are of the same opinion.


Karush Avagyan says:

Please try Beyerdynamic DX160 iEs

Daniel Gindlesperger says:


Nathaniel Nolt says:

Love the series, because a lot of us use headphones this way!

Oğuzhan Aydemir says:

I can for this review if I have to, but, could you please make a review for Direct Sound EX-29 PLUS?


Such a good quality video. Joshy, you are killing it.

vav247 says:

Daily Dynamic Driver? Kind of pigeon holes you into only headphones though. =/

C Bass says:

Ducks? Sounded like geese to me.

th_eeb says:

I'll get killed on the street with my Kz iems.

Damien N says:

Are you planning to do other types of items in this series, not exclusively related to Audio, but which would come under the EDC heading – wallets, pens, notebooks etc

Christopher Sadler says:

Great series idea. Every Day Carry, love the name.

Nathan Berger says:

Not that it means anything, but the 1 has a 10mm dynamic driver and the 3 has three balanced armatures per ear. I do like this series you are doing Joshua Valour and I think “On The Go Audio” if it is not used might be a good name.

Sj Park says:

I had the EDC3 for a couple months till the cable partly tore and connection got so loose that I lost a driver. Still, I liked it so I bought a primo8 to give Nuforce another try.

Antoine P says:

EDC @ 1:05 🦆🦆🦆(Everyday Duck Call)

Milton Dumay says:

Wow wow wow, ducks? Or geese 😁. Anyways love the series idea. Would love to hear your thoughts on iems in general compared to headphones. Also fiio fh5 and bgvp dm6 review. Thanks and keep it up

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