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Best EDC Multi Tool of 2018 Review (12 Tools!)

There are many multi tools on the market that come in all shapes, sizes and prices. I think i have found the best one (and deal) for this year. Watch now and check it out!
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In this video The Deal Guy is reviewing his favorite multi tool deal of 2018. This swiss army knife is a great multi-tool that is one of the best i could find of 2018.

Don’t miss out on my edc tool review this year!


The Deal Guy may be compensated by Amazon for purchases, resulting from this video.

28 replies on “Best EDC Multi Tool of 2018 Review (12 Tools!)”

I do not see how this cheap knock-off goes beyond what Leatherman multi-tools offer. Unless you count the can opener which also opens bottles, in addition to the two dedicated bottle openers. Three implements to open bottles? Is that the best they could do to fill up the tool?

Get a Leatherman. Better quality and they stand behind there products. Just broke mine after 10 years of use, sent it back and they replaced it.

One of these multi tool companies offer a service where you can order parts and the body for their multi-tool and they will put the new parts together in the frame

This is not a review. It’s an ad for a cheap Asian knock-off of an American-made product.
This guy should be ashamed of himself and so should anyone who buys this junk.

You're a little off on this one, guy. Two months of rough use and this Leatherman wannabe will be falling apart in your hands…

That multi-tool might “fit” in your pocket, but it is really too large to be practical as a pocket tool.

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