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Best EDC backpack with a unique design. Chrome Pike Backpack Review

The last edc backpack that I reviewed was the Boundary Supply Errant backpack. Unfortunately, while I was very happy with the build quality and overall look of the bag, It’s function and practicability was not to my liking. This is a very good alternative.

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– Geek (Performance) –

Space & Access 8
Organization 6
Comfort 8

– Style (Design) –

Look & Feel 8
Build, Materials & Hardware 8
Features 7

– Stoke (Experience) –

Warranty & Support 9
Brand experience 8
Value 8
X Factor 8




This video is not sponsored nor did I receive any money. While I sometimes get bags for free, I have to pay custom fees, shipping fees and all my videos have lots of production costs (e.g. software and musicrights). Therefore I invest my own money into all of these videos and I have no intention to be biased towards a product or company. All opinions in this video are my own unless stated otherwise.


As you might know from my „How I make a buying decision“ video: Rather than just looking at the pros, I like to evaluate the cons or flaws of an item and then evaluate if I can live with them. That is why in my video reviews I concentrate more on the cons of an item rather than going over all the features. Therefore everything shown is just a fraction of all the points that go into the verdict and score of an item.


A Quicklook usually covers pre-production units or items that I only used for a short period of time. While Reviews cover final items that I have reviewed intensively.


For all my videos I decided not to include links for the products. Everyone is living in different countries and therefore has to deal with different shipping and customs fees. That is why I would advice everyone just to Google the product within their country to find the best deals.
For instance: I live in Germany, It wouldn’t make sense to give you a German link while you might be living in USA or Asia. I hope that is understandable.


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15 replies on “Best EDC backpack with a unique design. Chrome Pike Backpack Review”

i got depressed when I saw the price for chrome pike backpack because i spent way more for the errant backpack (204 aus) but then i saw the shipping + the currency conversion (almost 300 aus) and didn't feel as bad, and i live in aus as well so it's even worse.

You say you will do a review on the motion ellipse ARC backpack when will you did it I am waiting

Kannst du mal bitte auf den airpaq reagieren ich würde dir meinen zur Verfügung stellen. Der kommt übernächste Woche an. Er ist komplett dunkel grün

Hi Bo, it’s nice to see new designs even if I think it won’t be perfect for my carry style

Hi, sag mal was hältst du eigentlich davon, wenn du dir mal die Sachen von Solgaard anschaust? Würde ja auch gut passen. Die haben zwei verschiedene EDC Backpacks und vor kurzem haben die ihren ursprünglichen Backpack noch einmal überarbeitet.

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