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Benchmade 940 EDC Knife and Company Review!

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22 replies on “Benchmade 940 EDC Knife and Company Review!”

Benchmade quality control blows goats ( I have more than $380.00 worth of proof )
So lets start with cnc clone production cost per unit amd go from there !

do you wish, that the 940 was just a little longer? i've been using spiderco enduras for the last 20 years.i use mine for cutting out wrapped hay off of my hay baler and hay mower, about every 10 years. they need to be replaced.

We don't like knives that are more "tactical" or "military" nowadays. We like knives that are more ergonomic.
There's nothing tactical or military about a 940. Its just much easier to use than a case trapper.

I want to go on Wranglerstar's property, with his permission, and bring a metal detector, and find all those lost Benchamde 940's! He has a few of them around his property by now : )

Try a G.E.C. traditional knife. It blows Case away! By the way, Warren Osborne was a knife maker, but also a Rancher. He designed the 940 to be a Ranch work knife, specifically a Farrier knife. He used it to work on hoofs. It works very well on scooping out the shoe, and cutting away at the frog. Just some history behind the concept.

7 minutes of my life I will never get back !!!!!!!! So boring oh my God he just rambles about nothing !!! I will not be his 10th subscriber !!!!!!

Good vid. I have a 940-2 and love it. The only downside is that you experienced a broken omega spring using the knife for only one year. That should not have happened. Benchmade warranty is very good but in this day and age I think they can do better. ⚔️

Amazing knife, I have 3 of them. No question they are one of the best carry knives available today. One aspect most dont mention if how thin the knife is in pocket, for such a big and long knife when closed it is quite thin and carries amazingling well.

Come back in fifty years and tell us which of the two knives are still usable…..your son gave you a gift that will last you onto old age. He chose wisely.

One of my favorite knives, loved your video. Has anyone told you that you look like John Goodman? Except not as large?

I have
i have bush craft carbons, no stainless or folder. Rev Hiker has the 940 as his all time favorite folder and I lack a folder, correction, I have a bench-made full auto, legal for me due to Oregon former law enforcement when i got it. So Griffin, you have sold me, I'm convinced I need it cuz as we all know, you can never have to many. Thanks Buddy, Super Great Review because its how they back there product after the sale that counts! .. I'm sold… Mike.

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