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Unboxing the ESEE Large Survival Tin Kit

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5-Col Survival Supply

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19 replies on “Unboxing the ESEE Large Survival Tin Kit”

Pretty comprehensive with high quality items. Would add an emergency blanket, mini flashlight, and a roll of gauze.

wow at the price on this, is very much not worth what the company is asking for. cheapest i found was 200$us and most were 259$ and up for this same exact kit. you can buy all this individually for 150$ and even have it all be the exact same products in this kit.

Are you knowing T. O. P. S Snap Kit?
This can i like, not loade with loth of junk.

No 3 – 4 bandages; if must uses, are there newer enough. It's a good Survival Kit.

Not gigantisk, match to a pocket.
Are on Youtube. But, buy another firesteel.

This is a great kit with high quality items.
This kit has its historical origins of the British SAS in WW2. It was carried in a dedicated pouch on their belt order. The mess kit pan was their emergency cooking and water boiling. There was a Wilkinson Sword DoD survival knife, an Air Force survival ration, an emergency First Aid Kit, a shelter item plus ammunition. // The E&E tin was carried in the shirt pocket.
Yes this High End kit is incomplete – BECAUSE you must add in your own items related to YOUR area of operations. The same applies to all fighter pilot kits, the Pilot may add in a few items that he determines necessary after spending weeks in desert / arctic / temperate / sea climate survival courses. The cordage can be wrapped around the outside to secure a shelter sheet to the mess tin kit.. Make a 1.5m lanyard / bandoleer and attach the Victorinox, whistle, signal mirror, compass, ferrocerium rod, etc: so when you open the kit for real, you fist attach these tools to your body.
Missing Items. 1. Candle – prime the wick. 2. A complex First Aid kit (once you have completed your First Aid Training. 3. Fire Tinder – eg 'wet Fire' and Magnesium block. 4. Herds & spices you like for your wild edibles & games. 5. Food items Salt, glucose, beef bullion cubes – sachets,
This is an outstanding starter kit. Thanks from Greg in Thailand

Can someone please explain to me the scenario where this kit will be used? For example, is this supposed to be for my car? Do I keep this in my home in case of an earthquake? Did I fall into a ditch and but have this carried in my backpack?

I like what is included in that kit and it all will come in handy when out in the wilderness. That small knife is one of the most useful items in the kit and can be used to cut line or in an emergency be used to cut anyone trying to attack you.

The most important item these kits hardly ever contain is BUG REPELLENT. The mosquitoes will drive you crazy, so much so that you will forget how to use all the rest of this stuff. Have these people ever walked in the woods during the summer months?

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