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Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON

What’s inside a $12 survival kit

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24 replies on “Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON”

Youtube litteraly choses when they want to make a video popular in recomendations, we make jokes about it, but it really is evil.

Use a nail. In a flat surface pound the nail about a half inch into a flat surface and put the sundial over it and set it to face north. The shadow of the nail on the tool tells the time

This is an awesome video! So amazing how much cool stuff is in such a tiny can! Love that it has fire starters!!
Everyone should check out the book called The Lost Ways:
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you're that fucking pathetic to go and buy a $12 survival kit Co camping to go in the wilderness get taught the basic tactics to live on your own first learn what the hell you doing then go have fun I guess to each is own

a small spyder co would cost you over $100. in general i think the kit is worth it for that price

Doesn't realize that the plastic bag is actually for keeping the contents of the kit in when the can has been opened…God help you in the wilderness 😉

So much talking about how great this stuff is… Seems like QVC. lol.
I would never buy this junk, I'd buy some Altoids, dump the mints, wash/rinse out can and put in what I want, that I know would work.

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