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Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit on AMAZON | Tactical

We put a $20 Tactical Survival Kit to the Test by Wandering Raven Survival Essentials.

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19 replies on “Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit on AMAZON | Tactical”

It would do in a pinch but personally I would start from the ground up and build my own from scratch. Yes it will cost more than $20 but in the long run I know that everything will work as I need it to.

Better then nothing. And yes good introduction to gear. The knife also looks like would give a hot spot with use. As the carabiner would open.

The poor carpenter blames his tools. If it had a poncho, super glue or bandaids, some plastic bag/water bladder and iodine tablets, and fish hook, it might save a life.

I pretty much got the same kit tbh without the knife and some stuff like the ferro rod Ive been using for around 2 years nd the whistle omg I gotta say is ace used it enough times for my mate to locate me

With the paracord striker, you will get a better spark by turning the scraper around so it is serated side up

The version of the kit I got the knife I got had a liner lock and the cree was missing an oring.

The card tool might be good for use with the rod

am I the only one that thinks the pen made the round impact point on the crack? very round since it hit a flat walk or drive..

The comment section is hilarious all due to one person in particular. This troll seems to have a whole bunch of time on his hands. And yeah buddy, you know who you are. Too funny!!!

Who cares about the cost of the kit if the shit don't work… that's it cost a hell of a lot more when you go out and try to defend on using it and it busts your ass trying to get even the simplest part of it to work and then not working. Basically what I'm saying is the punchline is "a survival kit that works- priceless".

I figure all kits are junk. The person buying them are saying they are lazy and don't know anything. If they weren't lazy they would get better stuff and learn what they need.

Complete garbage. The decent working items could be bought for less than $7 🤷🏻‍♂️

It is better than nothing . It could get you out of bind if you had the skills to use it . But , if you had those skills , you wouldn't own such cheap shit ! There is nothing in that box that needs to be kept waterproof . The box is kinda like a helmet on a skydiver . It just makes it easier to find your stuff in the event of catastrophe .

Its good for girl guides, girl scouts and such. Something to take out "light camping" and practice survival kills. You don't want to spend 20-30 dollars on individual items the child will lose.

On the flip side, personally, i have YET to see a survival kit/bug out bag/ what ever. that could handle a canadian winter.

The reason the ferro rod in the bracelet doesn’t throw tons of sparks is because the striker is on backwards. So you have to take out the striker and turn it around to get decent sparks.

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