Sanrenmu 710 Knife Review: The Chinese (knives) Are Coming!

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Sanrenmu Knives:
Call it a Sebenza knock-off, call it cheap Chinese, or just call it a decent knife for a very nice price – whatever you call it, the Sanrenmu 710 is a great little frame-lock folder that you’ll probably enjoy having in your collection.

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Hal McAdams says:

My son just gave me one for Father's Day (2018) and he had a little thing to say about it and it really was very close to what this video opines. After decades apart due to a nasty bitter divorce, I finally got to visit my son and his wife and my new grandson Ben (one year old and just a wonder) we had coffee and a heartwarming chat that ended with promises to get together again this summer. And that wonderful present I'll carry in my pocket, a reminder about how much we are the same in most things.

dale carpenter says:

Its not the poor mans sabenza .its the wise mans sabenza .its how and how much a sabenza should be built and cost .
A sabenza is a good production knife but it isn't near good enough to cost $600.00 -$800.00 .that is un-wise to me .the sanrenmu land 9103 is even better than the sabenza 25 it resembles most ( it has the 21 finger groove ) but the handle scales are milled out inside and it has ball bearing pivot .the blade will drop even with the knife nearly sideways .try that with a sabenza ( the pivot on the 21 is the only good thing about it )
The sanrenmu land 9103 is a better knife than the sabenza .
The ganzo g727 is how the ontario rat 1 should have been built as well .
The Chinese are putting the best features from good knives together and building better knives for far far less .that's something American knife makers should take note of .but their greed will prevent them from coming together and they will loose out .

EXDUCT says:

The knife now changed model 7010 on blade, but acturally they are the same knife, Exduct keep in large stock, and guys can get wholesale as low as $6.43 only.

EDC elephant says:

you should review some Ganzo knives. I'm shocked at their quality for sub $20.

noname1022 says:

Hey guys, beware of They are popular for knives and LED
lights as most of you know. They are shipping direct from China.
Gearbest sent me an order with items missing, one item, I received an
empty box – no product inside. Rather than shipping the missing items to
me and resolving it, they are asking me to do a list of things, which
includes getting the Post Office to declare that they lost the items,
send them pictures, and more. I have never had issues with other
retailers online correcting problems. My friend ordered at about the
same time some knives etc, in 2 separate orders – one has taken 6 weeks,
still no sign, the other had missing items as well. Just trying to save
some knife brothers some time and stress – Beware

NYRFanSTL says:

ordered "INEXPENSIVE" 710 based on your excellent review….Thank you!

W.J. Kelly says:

I have 4 Senrenmu knives and they are all flawless. Amazing knives at any price.

Christopher Little says:

You can get these for $9 and change with Prime shipping on Amazon. I personally like better knives and don't like promoting ripoffs, but I've used this knife to get a bunch of people into carrying a knife. says:

good knife good videon ,thank you

Wait For You says:

Id like for you to review the Sanrenmu 605 and 707, they're both great knives and deserve attention

Unconfirmed User says:

it very like sebenza

KorRezo says:

Are you able to tighten down the pivot all the way like you can with the sebenza?

Infinite Break says:

It is not the 1980's anymore, just because it is made from china does not mean it is crap. Sure if you buy this from a Budk catalog you get what you pay for. CRKT, Cold Steel, Boker, and etc. have phenomenal knives manufactured in china. China is even coming out with "knock off knives" like the Sanrenmu and the Ganzo, but they are very good high value knives, and they are actually well built and won't break easily. Sure it is 8cr13Mov and 440C, but for $10-$25 that is a steal!

naruhina012607 says:

I own a few sanrenmu and frankly i would say some are really nice but some just feels cheap

the.raven says:

how are other sanrenmu knives compared to the 710?

Matthew Perry says:

You're better than prompting Chinese fakes. Im sure Anne Reeve at Shot Show 2015 wouldn't have been impressed, with your proting Sebenza counterfeits.

Tony Tortellini says:

Looks like a sebenza

Glenn Buskirk says:

Great value knife.  Thanks for the video.

Jamie Holloway says:

Love mine it's a really good knife for the price

qaching says:

you are ripping the chinese off with this price for this knife

TheBennie102103 says:

my 710 came in today, liked everything but the blade, on the dull side

Michel Linschoten says:

Their not knock-off, the make spyderco's and such believe it or not. The make the majority of bigger branded knives in that factory.

irlrp says:

Looks decent but what quality is the steel ?

Ronnie Honeycutt says:

i got the 710 could not believe how sharp the blade came. but when you open it make sure it locks. for the price you cant beat it. i always say buy USA but i do wish my benchmade knives came that sharp.

evvignes says:

The thumb studs protrude too much. They scraped the back of my hand when putting my hands in and out of my pockets. Had to get rid of it. Other than that, it's a great knife.

segaprophet says:

Incredible value at under $10!

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