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Renault Megane RS 280 EDC 2018 | Susten Pass Review!

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24 replies on “Renault Megane RS 280 EDC 2018 | Susten Pass Review!”

Definitely going to get one 😍
But a used one. 1-3 years old so the price will be reasonable 😀

Hi guys, one question, do any of you knows what’s the speed of gearchange on this new megane rs with the EDC gearbox??? Is it fast as for example the Golf 7R with DSG gearbox? Something about 100ms???

Can't wait for the depreciation to hit , I'll give it 1 year , atleast 30% less. Just like my ex 'rs 250 cup'

Really cool Video! We have an orange tonic Megane RS in our Garage. It just looks amazing! 😎 the megane guys are from our Crew😁 we did see you driving this megane and though we would see this on youtube 👌

Great Video and go on this. Really like your videos 😊 would like to see an Review with the Clio RS Trophy too.

Hey man you got some serious talent
Keep it up love your videos absolutely beautiful quality

thank you very much so far I was doubtful but after your video made me decide to buy the Megane. 10 days ago I have it and I am delighted with it.

The single best looking car on the market in the 2018 model year. I don’t fucking care what anyone else says, you’re not changing my mind.

I love French Cars ❤️❤️❤️
1- Design 5 stars
2- Reliability 5 stars ( Premium Cars are not dependable nor reliable ) often outside warranty repairs can cause Bankruptcy ) or match the price of Multiple complete Brakdown costs
3- Equipment 5 starts you get so much tech for the money

I have the GT version with the same paddles and I already ask Renault why they don't make the paddles bigger. Answer : because they want to pevent people to not switch gear during a turn

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