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OSIS+ Finest Micro Survival Kit PERIOD!

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Today I test the Osis+ micro survival kit by intentionally getting lost in the dangerous wilderness of Oregon.

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23 replies on “OSIS+ Finest Micro Survival Kit PERIOD!”

as soon as the compass leaked u should know they pissed on you. get some soap and water and call it a wash

Am I the only one seeing that S on that rock? The way you used to draw an S back in middle school lol

The Chinese suck at survival I have a survival bag with my tools needed, water, portable tent and reliable compass!!

Youre like if Norm MacDonald kept his comedic edge, but had the persona of Ron Swanson from parks and recreation.

Oh no! That ultra expensive compass is leaking! What are the odds? I seem to have run into a snag because I don't know how to use a simple cable saw. Hey if the first match doesn't light keep wasting all of them in the same stupid manner.
He was "told" he wouldn't need a knife. Serves him right if he dies out there for being so stupid and believing everything he's told.

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