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New Henry Rifle US Survival Kit

New 2018 Henry Rifle US Survival Kit. Comes with the US Survival Rifle, Cloth Case, ESSE Fire Steel, Frontier Filter Straw, Emergency Space Blanket, 100 Ft of 550 Cord, 1000 cal Emergency Food Rations, Swat-T Tourniquet.

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12 replies on “New Henry Rifle US Survival Kit”

Unfortunately! The Bag/Kit wasn't included. That was a few years ago. Great Little Rifle. Thanks! DEO VINDICE!

The AR-7 has been around for years. I think, the U.S.Air Force, adopted it back in the 1960s. The old "James Bond" movie, "From Russia with Love" kind of introduced it. I always thought it was a pretty cool design. I need to get one. They used to be dirt cheap. Personally, I prefer .22 long rifle, to .22 Magnum or 17HMR.

The rifle itself is one of the lightest autoloaders on the market today, and with the purchase of 1 additional magazine you can have a very effective survival weapon. Although I personally think that a over under 22 410 would be t more effective survival weapon do to the shotgun any weapon is better than a stick and a rock. Overall an excellent choice for the suvivalist .

I just wish they'd build that rifle for something larger than an umpa lumpa, my Red Rider bb gun had a longer length of pull!

The breakdown of the rifle is very practical, but seems most new rifles today are breakdown types, so I'll wait for a more substantial cartridge. Ruger just came out with a 9mm carbine that breaks down. The kit stuff ain't worth talking about, but thanks for the review. Love your channel. ciao.

I had an AR 7 was a neat lil rifle….only problem I had was the mag release spring was not hardy enough to hold the mag solid to the rifle, I would get misfeeds if I didn't brace my hand underneath the mag to hold it tight….make it in 22 mag!

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