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MTech Golden Knife Review

MTech Golden Knife Review
Hey Reviewers! I decided to do a review on my new golden ballistic knife. This video was not sponsored, and the knife was bought with my own money. *CORRECTION — The knife blade is steel, NOT titanium*
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24 replies on “MTech Golden Knife Review”

All titanium?? Yes but no 😂😂 coated maybe but unless it ran you a grand its not all titanium..mtech is a mall ninja company that makes and learn kid..

I got a question!
Is this person a male or female?
By the way nice knife, but need to get your knife facts right!

Everyone in this comment section is so negative. I have the knife and it's really not that bad. Pretty durable and elegantly designed for a knife of its price.

This has got to be a joke. The “rugged” part is called serrated. Plus, M Tech is the cheapest knife company of all time.

This kid is soooooo oblivious of the fact it will break in 2 days because… Made in China

Pot metal. NOT TITANIUM.
You obviously know nothing about knives.
And that's a pocket clip, not a fucking belt buckle.

No offense it's a nice knife but …………..

…you need to learn about knifes a bit more

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