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MSK1 Survival Knife Review

In this video I’m sharing my thoughts and opinions on the msk1 survival knife. I will be sharing you with you some pros and cons of the knife as well as talking about the controversy surrounding the knife. If you want more info on this knife check out my links below to the ultimate survival tips promo video for this knife. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this video if you did hit that LIKE button to show your support. If you haven’t SUBSCRIBED please SUBSCRIBE and thanks for watching !

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6 replies on “MSK1 Survival Knife Review”

Been trying to purchase one, but have been unable to contact anyone at ultimate survival tips. Do you have any contact info?? Nice video.

Awesome review, my friend. I could tell just from looking at it that it should be a good chopper and not so good for splitting. In my opinion a good survival knife should be great at both, and probably with more emphasis on splitting, because most of us would carry a small saw for crosscuts. But as you correctly noted, there will never be one knife that is perfect for everyone. Just depends on your needs and what you want to do with it. Similarly there should never be "controversy" in a free market society. You like it, you buy it. You don't like it, don't buy it. No controversy there. LOL! That said, yeah at $300 I would not even give it a second look. Can't believe it cost that much then they still want to nickel and dime you on the accessories. Plenty of knives out there on the market at a fraction of the costs and likely could perform even better. A lot of good amateur knife makers out there can custom make a knife by hand for much less than that price. Just my opinion though and I don't know nuthin' lol.

A great review of this knife Caleb. I am not in the market for that type of knife but the price does seem a little steep. Thank you for sharing.

Awesome review mate, you know what your talking about. Great stuff, keep up the good work mate. Cheers 😀

It's not really controversial, the knife is a rip off, it should be around 80 to 100 bucks, then it would be worth it! Would like you to buy the 40 dollar Kabar warthog and run them through the same test!

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