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A Knife Review – The Apache Falcon by Tops Knives!

A gentleman by the name of Snake Blocker (who designed the Apache Falcon with Tops Knives) contacted me and asked if he could send one of his knives and if I would do a knife review. Naturally, I said yes and I honestly can’t say enough good things about this knife. Its a very cool design, fits beautifully in my hands and is hands down, an amazing knife. I fully anticipate my husband and I fighting over it for years to come. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So go check out Snake Blocker / Tops Knives – I promise you won’t be disappointed! And if they ask, tell them The Bladed Broad sent ya!

You can find Snake Blocker on Facebook:

or on Instagram:

And Tops Knives:
Instagram: topsknives

For a direct link to the Apache Falcon Knife, click here:

Song of choice in this video:
“Tic Tock” by Jimmy Fontanel/Media Right Productions

Stay tuned for “The Bladed-Broadcast – Episode 3” – You won’t want to miss it!!
See ya soon!

21 replies on “A Knife Review – The Apache Falcon by Tops Knives!”

its a very gorgeous and beautiful knife but make sure you take very good care of it and keep oiled because the blade is 1095 carbon steel and carbon steel, although tougher than stainless steel, can easily rust kept in water for long periods of time or even the littlest drop of water can also cause it to rust . Stainless steel is okay but i prefer carbon steel knives better because their tougher and the edge stays sharp longer than stainless steel but its less resistant to rust and corrosion, Stainless steel is more resistant to rust because it contains chromium which stops the blade from deteriorating.

but all in all, Great review and Awesome Knife 10/10. Tops forever

the primary purpose of the Tops Apache falcon is that its used for Fighting

Very nice knife. Awesome cut on the water bottle. There is a technique for cutting ropes and bottles.

I like how she cleaned the knife with her shirt. She is one of us! No doubt it is a great knife. You cannot go wrong with a Tops knife. Thanks for the review.

I really like this knife but would prefer a kydek sheath.
Wonder if theres a company thatll make one. Good vid

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