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Top 10 EDC(Every Day Carry)Fixed Blades

Another top 10 video! This time I look at my top 10 EDC(EveryDayCarry) Fixed blades. I’ve included some higher end blades as well as some very budget friendly options. The following blades made my top 10.

LT Wright Great Plainsman
Benchmark Backpacker
Boker Coye Ridgeback
Gerber Ghost Strike
Bradford Guardian 3
White River Knives Caper
CRKT Mossback
CRKT Huntn Fisch
ESEE Izula 2
Schrade SCHF16

All of these but the LT Wright can be purchased from my Amazon store which supports more videos like these.

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20 replies on “Top 10 EDC(Every Day Carry)Fixed Blades”

Take a look at the gil hibben sidewinder under $40.leather sheath. Impeccable workmanship. Just not a supersteel. But in a knife that short and thick it doesn't matter.

Mind telling me what soft loops you use for the backpacker? Tried clicking on your link but its not available.

Good set, i got the boker coye too my favorite easy to sharpen and lightweight 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

if I lived on a farm I'd carry a fixed blade- but I'd never let anyone know that I'm carrying a knife in the urban jungle- great video

I have an Olde Timer fixed blade smaller knife which I have in my EDC bag and it is a nice knife with a nice looking sheath. The only problem I have with the knife is that it is made in China and sold by the company which also now makes the Schrade, and other brands.

The first knife don't care what the name is ! the usual bull shit bat shit crazy price and the reviewer says it affordable !
It's a tiny slab if cnc cut and ground all the parts are cnc then assembled ! it loads the parts . it un loads .and assemble ! the production price per unit is ? yeah !

Seems like I cannot find the soft loops on Amazon. Do you have a link or search term, please?

What are those loops called that you use to modify the sheaths? I want to buy a few. What is their name on amazon?

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