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The Benchmade Bugout EDC Pocket Knife Review

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Duuuude c'mon man, this really seemed like a bad review but I have to tell ya as a collector myself with over 300 knives some with a very high price yet I have carried this and my cruwear para3 about equally this past year and I absolutely love this bugout! It will take some hard use too, I have put mine thru hell and it still looks as it did when I bought it…. you wanna see something funny? Take a bugout in S30V and a spydie in S30V and compare them for edge retention please and make a video of it…. just from sharpening and stropping them both I believe the bugout to be a much harder steel and suspect it will hold its edge quite a while longer than thesame steel done by spyderco!

The body shape seems to be in style right now, a number of manufacturers are putting out knives with overall silhouettes along the same lines. (Boker, Fox)

I've seen the Bug Out with after-market titanium scales…what a beauty ( though we won't mention cost).

Nice review. As others mentioned the price in the U.S. is that high. About $95 for a Native 5, $115 for this one. Other differences: it carries smaller than the Native 5, Axis vs. back lock, deep carry vs. shallow for the Native, and better warranty service from Benchmade. I like the Native 5. For US buyers the Bugout may be a better knife for the these reasons.

Supised you don't have tons of subscribers! Still six thousand people interested in what you, one man is doing is pretty cool. You have a lot of good content appreciate your time. Hopefully if you hit 600,000 eventually you'll be either the same as now or better. Hope for the best.

I want to see a blade steel test of that gerber 5cr??mov steel. It shouldn't be too much effort. 😉

I don't mind more weight if it's a good solid knife. After all I'm used to carrying around a big set of balls.

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