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Leatherman Skeletool Review – Best EDC Knife / Tool – seriously, try it…

Leatherman Skeletool:

The hunt for the perfect EDC this or that is always a struggle for me. Fortunately, I’ve been using what I think is a near perfect EDC knife / tool for years now – the Leatherman Skeletool. You’ve probably seen it in my videos, but here is a dedicated video just for it.

This Leatherman Skeletool review is just some rambling thoughts on the tool, how it fits into my use cases, the things I like about it, and the reasons I think it should fit the bill for most people. I’ve tried other knifes, folders, multitools, etc and always find myself coming back to the Skeletool.

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13 replies on “Leatherman Skeletool Review – Best EDC Knife / Tool – seriously, try it…”

Difference between standard and cx
1. 154cm blade instead of 420hc
2. Dlc coating
3. Carbon fiber scales
4. around 20$ price difference

I just bought a skeletool cx and my clip is super weak. It moves and come out all the time. Anyone else have this problem?

Never trusted you that this would be a good replacement for regular EDC knife…. I found a green one for $30 the other day. I hate the color but couldn't beat half off price. I now rarely go without it. I love it! Buying the cx now that I've tested it out for a while in my EDC.

I wear the leatherman bracelet and love it even tho I sometimes forget 9t has tools on it when I need them

I somehow managed to lose both of my bits. The one in the storage and the one in the tool holder. Although I work at a shipyard so the environments a bit hostile, things get used. But then I eventually managed to lose the entire tool so that really sucks.

Found one review in Russian but can't find a single review in English about the Limited Edition Skeletool Damasteel selling for almost twice the price of the CX ($140) on the Leatherman website. What do you think of the blade, it's worth it or not?

I ordered a surge from texas tool crafters over a week ago and they just got around to shipping it after i sent them an email asking what was the hold up. Im not impressed after spending $200 for a damn leatherman! Probably would never get it if I don't remind then to get the thing sent!

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