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KaBar Dogs Head Utility Knife Review with Cutting Cheese and Batoning.

The Ka-Bar Dog’s Head Bowie Utility Knife is similar to the classic USMC full sized Fixed Blade that badasses and regular people know and love. This review covers some of the differences between the two and compares it to some other knives like the Fallkniven S1, an Esee-3, a Vangedal Rover, and a Svord Von Tempsky Bowie. You’ll see hard use, light use, cutting, chopping, and get a dose of terrible jokes

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13 replies on “KaBar Dogs Head Utility Knife Review with Cutting Cheese and Batoning.”

I could totally get the impression you were a Marine. You look like you may have ingested several packs of crayons/gallons of paste in your life.

Also, I am pretty sure it's a mag-point blade. Clips are for keeping my diapers secure.

Wooo son. What a fine neck knife. That pommel hole is ideal for neck carry. Tip down naturally. So you stab your crotch every time you sit down.

The "regular" Marine Kabar and the Gerber Strongarm are my two favorite knives, the Strong-arm taking the slight lead for me since the Kabar is just a bit too big and long for everyday use for me. Wonderful knife though.

I wear my kabar to motivate myself and those around me. I know if I am sinking in my giant metal death machine while driving through dangerous sea states; I can very easily slice the straps that hold my flak together. There is really no use when it is peace time, but maybe if I get deployed I can use it to give some motherfucker some freedom right through his chest. That’s all I have to say

You may get some hate, but you should do the old tried and true carp beheading test. I've also found this particular steel does a great job impaling bullheads to trees.

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