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EDC Pens Review — Pens I use the Most

Pokka Pen :

urban survival gear Ti scribe :

machine era :

Parker jotter :

vision metal pen :

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I took a BIC round pen, cut the body and ink cartridge smaller, added a loop to it and hung it on my keychain. All cost me about 10 cents. Checkout this picture of where I got the idea from: @t Also you can leave it without the split ring and just throw it in your pocket. You can take the cap off, put it on the back and the pen is awesome to write with.

I spend too much on knives already. I carry the Parker jotter. Keep a Smith and Wesson tactical pen in my Vanquest edcm maximizer and another in my Vanquest trident 20 ghb. Some nice ones there although I insist that a carry pen have a clip.

Love the content but speak faster… I almost stop breathing listening to your voice… unless that's your intention?

u can also add a Parker Jotter in blue or black colour all metal body to you edc pens. my favourite pens are the parker jotters

Haha I always click my Jotter like that too, so satisfying! I love carrying my pokka pen because its so convenient and cheap. I hadn't heard about the Machine Era pen but I will be checking them out now, thanks for the video man!

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