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Buck 110 Knife Review. New Pro & Select with clips compared to the original

One of the most iconic pocket or belt knives has to be the Buck 110. In this review I compare the new for 2018 Pro and Select Lightweight Hunter Folding blades. Translated, these two new slim knives are less that half the weight of the original, and they have swappable pocket clips. This video compares all three to the original and also the Benchmade Crooked River and CR Mini. You’ll also see the Spyderco Endura 4, the Byrd Cara Cara 2, and the Benchmade Bugout. I give my thoughts about QC, some blade play, and baton them.
Blade HQ all 110 variants:
More Buck Folding Knives including 112:
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27 replies on “Buck 110 Knife Review. New Pro & Select with clips compared to the original”

@ 1:45 how did you know i was exactly 5 beers deep?? 🤣🤣
My very first knife, Buck 112, was given to me when I was 9. That began my love affair with all things sharp. Scars also.

Your an old guy now….embrace it. Carry the old g 110 in a leather sheath…with an acorn or bass stamped into it or an 8 point if your a real man. Use to cut up summer sausage to pass out to children from the blade tip.

Original 110=1969 Charger. Endura=1974 Vista Cruiser Bugout=Prius Enjoy them for what they are

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks a Buck 110 with a pocket clip is disgusting. I can't have a Buck 110 with a thumb stud either. Only a traditional heavy, two handed, pocket clipless 110 will ever be in my pocket. Great video though 👍

Buck 110 slim for $30 may be the best food prep folder going…its like an opinel in its cutting ability but with a better lock and handle. The frn version is actually tighter and more solid feeling than the micarta plus cost a lot less. I say winner winner chicken dinner. (that this knife helped prepare for the picnic)
Fishing trips, deer camp, eating out of your lunchbox, or having in the car on long trips for whatever……..great knife over all.

I subscribed, and I batoned the bell. Which led to tons of blade play, lock failure, and the pivot pin breaking on my mouse. Of coarse my mouse wasn't made in America and has no life time warranty.

I carry a Gerber multitool already on my belt I drive a rolloff truck always need to cut something I like a big knife I’ve been considering one for my use at work only I can get away with it though it’s cliché for a truck driver To have stuff on their belts

can anyone tell me how this channel is not the bigest knife channel on YT?
it is the best, information and fun all together!
We love you here in Brazil!

Sorry to hear your delicate ego matches your delicate arms. And if you have never heard the like of I suggest you get out more. My opinion stands. Your a complete self satisfied a hole. Oh, and have a happy new year from yours truly.

I’m sorry to hear of your muscle wasting disease, which makes the standard 110 too heavy for you. Hopefully when you grow up and become a man you might be able to carry one round without flaking out. I know it’s the way the youth of today like their equipment but it still gets to me when quality long life materials like the old 110 is made of is inferior to plastic, or resin and cloth and paper? It’s lost on me. Oh and the blade shape of the 110 is perfect for everything from fine tip work, skinning, slicing, and is capable of way more intricate work than the spyderco modern style.
Pearls before swine springs to mind for me. It’s completely wasted on you.
Oh and the steel sure it’s not the most expensive or exotic but with bucks heat treatments it’s great for most tasks and comes back to razor sharpness. I’ve got several falknivens with exotic steels and they for me are more prone to problems, chipping and sharpening than bucks knives. And no I don’t have any ties to buck. In fact we get a raw deal in the uk in that Bucks forever warranty is 25 years,! How does that work?
Anyhoo rant over, and no you can’t diss my favourite folder!! Lol 😂 x

I have the "Smokejumper" version of the lightweights. Good knife! I think Buck should make a model 110 DERP knife. All brass, cast iron blade, with lead/asbestos inlays. They should also incorporate one of those greeting card speakers, wich would play random gnarly stuff when you open the blade. Like: "You don't know what real manly work is, boy!" Or: "I got this knife from my great grandpa, who built his house, worked on his flatbed, hunted our food, and made love to my sist…eh, great grandma' with it, just so you can buy your chinesium gizmo-knives on the interwebz, you daaaarn' commie brat!!! *CAUGHrrrrgh!!*"

I ordered 2, 1 opens… 1 opens half way… super disappointed
Sending at least one back.
I did buy them for $120 from
Not sure if that has anything to do with it. But they are legit Buck and sealed in box.

Here I sit and wander, looking for the perfect edc knife. Reclusing with my favorite beverage, good ol jimmy beam and coke. When alas the gods spoke. There is no perfect edc knife, just the corners of my mind, telling me it's this or it's that! Now that I've spoken I must go to sleep for the perfect edc knife is only in my dreams and that is fact!

You should give us a pry test to see how well the handles hold up… Maybe a lock test too. Good video, thanks!

Soo true. Forgot to add if you sqwwez it while closed the blad cuts into the handle chipping your edge. Buck knived are the ed hardy t shirts of the business. Shitty but expensive.

I'm 29 years old and I absolutely love my og buck 110 it's a respectable knife and definitely one you hand open not closed

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