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A Big-Bore, EDC Shotgun? Hands On, Full Review and Test—Taurus Judge

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Every one gets scared when they are in front of THE JUDGE and he's about to make a decision, Pdx1 is his ruling.

I've had mine since 2007, and I love it,most ppl say it's a novelty gun, I say it all depends on which side your looking at lol

PDX Defender Disc's = Bystander killers. The disc doe's a good job but the BB spread is unpredictable at any distance . The Judge and Public Defender are excellent in that the ammo choices give such versatility. When using the right ammo accuracy is spot on, and you're 100% right about those grips, they are excellent. My favorite load is 2 – .410 Hornady Triple Defense shells which is 1 rifled slug followed by 2 – 32 cal balls, Nice tight grouping. Followed by 3 rds of Hornady self defense 45 colt. Thats 5 cylinders but 12 projectiles. Thousands of rounds with no problems. No problem making nice groups at 50' with the 45 's. Past that its probably questionable if it's self defense or not. One of the most fun revolvers you can shoot!


Bought my JUDGE the day they came out, I love it! One Glock lover said it was a novelty gun, I said, depends on which side your lookin through. It's a versatile gun, shoots 410 shot gun, AND! 45 Colt long, $450.00 roughly. Best shtf weapon! Blue steel 2 1/2 cylinder.

I see no need for the 3 inch cylinder gun especially at the close range these are designed for and number 4 shot should knock the fight out of most any human with 2.5 inch shells and there are always slugs

With five rounds of triple-000 410 shot, it is like hitting the target with fifteen rounds! That would be devastating to any potential threat. I don't think I would use the .45s…

Had to check the video again👍
To see which shells are best.
Thanks Again!!

Federal OOO Buck is "My Opinion" the Best Defense Round For The Judge! It Was Not Shot or Reviewed in This Video. I Love It in My Taurus Public Defender Poly!!!

GOOD VIDEO!! I'm eyeing on the stainless steel Taurus Judge 3" barrel & cylinder, probably will get it, thanks for the different shells you used. d((6__6))b

I've always heard that the judge shoots super high and it's just overall inaccurate. I bought mine for $450 at bass pro and it hits point of aim for both buck shot and 45 colt. Maybe I just got a good one but this is definitely a pistol I'll never get rid of. 000 buck from the judge knocks my steel plates clean off the hangers, not even my AR loaded with the heaviest .223 I have can do that.

Very nice and complete review. Just made my Judge purchase last month; the 3" cylinder Magnum-type. Thanks for your time and efforts here.

Man if it was legal to make these revolvers smoothbore, it could make a killing in the up close self defense handgun market. The rifled ones are powerful enough though. Love the Judge and the Governor.

Sorry, too many problems with Taurus handguns.  My Taurus revolver fell apart in my hands (and could have injured me if I wasn't so damn safe) after 300 rounds or less.  Customer service was a slight hassle, but even fixed I would rather duct tape it to a stick and use it as a melee weapon before I put rounds through it.

I really want this but idk if my parents will let me. I only have a .22 and if that was my next gun, I would be SO happy.

I am considering the gun versus the S and W Governor – do you have an opinion on whether one is better than the other? How about the Raging Judge magnum – worth the extra money?  Thanks for the great video!

Unfortunately those discs in the pdx1 load are not making it 12" in ballistics gel, but still could make a good car gun for point blank shooting hard to miss with a mini shotgun at 1 foot lol

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