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Ultimate Survival Tips MSK1 Survival Knife Review – Long Term Testing Begins

The MSK1 Survival Knife from David at Ultimate Survival Tips has sparked a lot of controversy in the YouTube knife world. So when David asked me at Blade Show 2018 if I wanted to test one I decided to do a long-term evaluation to find out how well it actually performs over the long haul. You are invited to come along as we kick off a brand new series of videos tracking this knife over the next few months.

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10 replies on “Ultimate Survival Tips MSK1 Survival Knife Review – Long Term Testing Begins”

NOTICE !! I just wanted to leave this quick comment here. I usually try to reply to every single comment I get on every video. That is probably not going to happen this time, for reasons I'll explain in a minute.

As I said, I am going to do a long-term evaluation of this "survival knife system". I'm going to focus on actually using it and do my very best to demonstrate the components "in action" so you can see for yourself how well they do or don't perform. I'm not going to presume to tell you whether or not it is "worth" the asking price. That is a very subjective question and only you can answer that for yourself. Which is why some people drive Toyotas, Fords, and Chevys and some prefer Mercedes, BMWs and Audis (as examples).

So… as for replying to comments on this video….since (for the reasons I mentioned in this video) I know this has become a controversial product, already there are lot of negative comments trashing the knife, it's designer David and even me for daring to not trash it too. I have a full-time "day job" and I just don't have time to respond in detail to everybody who wants to tell me why it is such a ripoff and David is such a crook. SO, I am going to take a tip from Chris at PM101 and try to address as many of the concerns, critiques and downright insults in the future videos in this series. I think that is a better solution than just giving flip answers. So please don;t be offended if I don't respond to your comment, good or bad. Just stay tuned and hopefully I'll address it in a future video.

Finally: YES, I know Jacob from Preppers Bunker Outdoors has made his opinion about this knife crystal clear. I have met Jacob a few times and I respect him and his opinion. BUT, I want to form my own opinion based in my own personal experience using this gear over time. I'm going to share that experience with you and we'll see how it goes. I hope you'll join me. – Bryan

Its Garbage I can get a Tops Knife which is better quality for half the price. David is just looking for a quick cash gimmick. What a Scam!!

The question is if your total knife budget was $400 and that's all you had and were not going to buy any more knives once that money was spent WOULD YOU BUY THIS SYSTEM?????

I read about it earlier.. It's a pretty nice set up but the price is a deal breaker for me.. But if I had the money I'd be on it

I notice a lot of YouTube reviewers saying things like this is an all purpose specific knife. None of that justifies the price lol. The price isn't high, it's ridiculously high!!!

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