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Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Review: EDC Perfection

This video is my extended use review of the outstanding Spyderco Paramilitary 2 folding knife. It’s not only outstanding — it is, in my studied opinion, the absolute best EDC folding knife in the world for someone with a “real world” budget. At approximately $120, it’s inexpensive enough to use every day without worrying if you scratch it, and high-quality enough to perform flawlessly in a variety of everyday tasks.

Here are the factory specs:

length overall 8.281 ” (210 mm)
blade length 3.438 ” (87 mm)
length closed 4.812 ” (122 mm)
cutting edge 3.078 ” (78 mm)
blade thickness .141 ” (3.5 mm)
weight 3.75 oz. (106 g)
blade steel CPM S30V
handle material G-10

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No one sees the beautiful 3 parts blade 4 parts handle ratio. Its BEAUTIFULLY executed. It doesnt have to be 92% of handle blade length when 75% works perfectly. Again if the best handle outside the Manix has a blade thats just long enough, this isnt the tactical MARSOC operators choice its the Airman admins pocket jewelry. Itd kill anyone in a SEALs hands but theyd have another knife. The handle blade with the 50/50 choile is why it flew off the shelves in my humble opinion.

Hello Sir , I just want you to know that I appreciate your channel greatly . I just found you a few months ago. God bless you Sir !

It is unbelievable!.I have 3 Spyderco's I'm a fan and they all are good knives for light duty and I emphasize LIGHT.. I don't think most reviews cover that.. I've yet to handle a Spyderco that has what I considered a solid pivot I feel although they've mastered flawless action the strength of their pivots just isn't on par for the price but I'm a"common man" that doesn't have knives to look pretty I look for a solid user and for the money Spyderco doesn't hold a candle to Ontario or Cold steel IMO.. I appreciate your reviews as a newer viewer and find it interesting to hear what you think of certain knives and how they hold up mostly in agreement with you with my experience.. thanks again!

Great video!! As a fellow lefty, it's good to see the Paramilitary 2 can be used in the left hand fairly easily. With that being said, have you tried the left hand version of the Paramilitary 2, and if so, which version do you prefer?

how do you get it to not have blade play and have it fall free like that im having an issue with mine

woowe i just get one…i am so happy..i love this knife..its really perfection..if you think to by one just GO

Paramilitary 2 and Manix 2 are two favorite knives….It's so hard to decide which to carry daily…

Great Video ApostleP. I cant seem to ever get away from my PM2. what I find so funny is how Benchmade copied off the spydie hole when they made the Griptillian So that in itself tells me how much in fear they actually were towards loosing the best of the best contest, I like BM, However balls to bones PM2 and Manix 2 are Flat out the best on the market

If it came in a version without a hole, I would buy it. I have broken far too many spydies due to how weak the hole makes the blade. Its a shame, because I really like Spyderco.

I have purchased three of these in the last year, one of which was given to one of my kids. I now have two, and love them. Actually returned the ZT0350ST for the second one. I actually like the blade/grip size ratio. I love everything about this knife.

I'm curious today in 2016, had your opinion changed towards this knife? I'm getting one in the mail next week as my first modern higher quality knife, I have old Case knifes, a Camillus marlin spike, and a buck 110 from the 80s. So I was more into traditional knifes but wanting to get into modern knifes for EDC.

I waited and waited to finally having a burple Para 2 in my hands at the shop thinking I'd try out the S110V steel and see how it fares in this super popular knife that I hadn't gotten yet. I ended up saying that the s30v would be fine in black with the satin finish. Just a standard P2… maybe I can paint the handle and put a golden tassel through the lanyard hole.

I could just buy the pm2 for the rest of my life if it were up to price and performance. I wish they would make more colors on the g 10 without so many fast going sprints. I love other knives, but the pm2 it a good all around carry.
thanks for the video.

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