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My Favorite Tactical EDC Belt | Kore Essentials Review

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14 replies on “My Favorite Tactical EDC Belt | Kore Essentials Review”

I finally gave in and bought one of these Kore belts. I can't believe how well it works both for carrying a full size 1911 everyday to supporting my duty belt while working. This makes the weight of the duty belt feel minimal. The ONLY downside so far is the buckle sets off the metal detectors requiring it to be removed anytime entering for my shift.

I own one and the Kore is an absolutely great gun belt. Strong yet comfy. Holds my Shield pistol firmly. Love the fact that I can easily loosen the belt a bit after a big meal, and then tighten it back up just as quickly later in the day. If I lost this belt somewhere in travel, I would order a new one the next day.

Chad is right Kore belts are awesome edc belts in my experience. I have a black leather that's over 2 years old and looks great still and a tan tactical about a year old and like new.  I won't wear any other gun belt when carrying my glock. Because other can say what they want, but for me you cant beat the track for adjusting it to your exact size and the quality of these belts is aces.

That is way too loose and flexible. You should use a more secure belt buckle too. If you fall on something hard or slip on ice and hit hard in winter that belt will not secure your weapon. Neither will it in a close quarters hand to hand scenario. Not a good choice for 1911 EDC. That belt is for casual use at the gun range at best. 1911 should always be carried cocked and locked round in chamber, not hammer down.

I like this belt but have a simple question regarding the release mechanism. Have you ever had any issues with the release lever being accidently being pressed when you are sitting down? Looks like this might happen if it gets pressed upward if it is compressed while sitting.

Owner of 3 Kore gun belts. First is 3 years old and still going strong. So I wanted to try them all I guess and having a brown and black leather belt is always nice. Holds my glock 19 just fine or anything smaller that I've switched out. All in all great belts.

I got my first Kore EDC belt about 4 years ago and it quickly became my permanent carry belt. The leather option was the only option originally and after 4 years it still looks brand new despite daily use of several different types of holster and different sizes firearms. I finally got one of the new model nylon belts and it is even better than the leather and will be my new daily belt. I've been recommending Kore gun belts to anyone that asks for years now.

Thanks for through and comprehensive review. And your replies were good to viewer comments.

Have it and Love this belt! The adjustability is amazing (and satisfying.) It carries the weight of my CZP01 exceptionally well and it zips to your waist perfectly. Kore got it right.

The Kore belt is so much better than the cobra buckle style belts, getting it on and off is a breeze, and with quarter inch adjustments you can make it the perfect fit. Also have cool styles but most important it works!!!

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