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Knife Review : Benchmade "Infidel" OTF (3300BKOD-1101) (Automatic Knife)

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Honestly. I think the “military” application for this knife isn’t a fight in knife. This is likely more an ease of use for opening packages or any working use. That way your not trying to weave a fixed blade back into its sheath on our belt without trying to look over the gear on your chest. You just clip this to any bit of MOLLE you want and its there.

Whoever has this knife and complains how it's not razor sharp is an idiot…..its not supposed to be, it's not a cutting knife it's a stabbing knife.

After the initial gimmickry of this design wore off…it became just an expensive, cumbersome pocket load. I went back to my Kershaws for EDC….Ken Onion had several designs that are just classics…

Impossible to sharpen without ruining the painted blade.
Basically a 300$ piece of shit after the first 3 months of use.
Today it's a better paper weight than a knife.
Edit: benchmade can suck a greasy sour fart out of my ass.

Jesus, just buy a Glock if youre willing to spend the ridiculous amount for a knife like this

I just witnessed a Benchmade video of them cutting up firearms. So I'm taking the Benchmade Knives that were given to me to the target range today. After that I'm taking there stock out of my store and sending them back. I am never going to sell something from a anti-second Amendment company.

Saw a bone handel open from the side never seen one like it old vet said it 2was a big buck knife spring was so strong it jumped out of my hand it is a art to use one like it so nice 700 pluse to buy one if you can most all will never see.

Someone said this knife isn’t good for stabbing. Are they just referring to the spring action or is the lock bad?

Do you need a permit to get that knife? Cuz the website said something about needing to be in law enforcement or military to get one of those

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