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BEST EDC Wallet Showdown – Trayvax, Flipside, Fantom, Ridge Wallet review and comparison

Trayvax Axis –
Flipside 4 Wallet –
Fantom Wallet –
Ridge Wallet –

With so many wallets out there, it’s hard to sort through and find the right one for you. In this video I compare some of the more popular EDC wallet options out there (these are all of the primarily front pocket variety) and hopefully give you a better idea of some of their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Mini carabiners –
Mini clip things –

Joby GorillaPod –
Lumix G7 –
Wireless lapel mic –
Rode Mic –
Rode windscreen thing –

VERTX (LLOD for 25% off) –
Tactical Distributors –
OpticsPlanet (LLOD5 for 5% off) –
Amazon –
The SICKEST Guns –
Legal Defense Membership –
Snake Eater Tactical –
Black Rifle Garb Apparel –
Chief Ammo –

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27 replies on “BEST EDC Wallet Showdown – Trayvax, Flipside, Fantom, Ridge Wallet review and comparison”

Guys, guys, guys – the cards are all fake (provided with the Fantom wallet – thanks!) so if you're trying to steal my CC info, better luck next time.

My fear with the trayvax is grit scratching up the magnetic strips of all my cards. Is that an issue for anyone?

The Secrid Mini wallet is great but it minimize the money/bills you put into..
The Andar Pilot is just like the Secrid but without the bill features
The Ridgewallet is great but I don't like the way how to get the cards

This Fantom is like a Secrid combined with a Ridge..

My question is it 100% RFID

Great collab with Blade hq with the Leatherman free.. so whats up with the other guy just use it for like 4 seconds and make a leather sheath for the Leatherman Free?

Thanks for the review. It helped make a decision due to Trayvax refunding my purchase due to the Black Axis not being in stock.

If you do not care about RFID protection, there are simpler, smaller, and lighter options out there. I wish somebody had told me that when I started my search for a minimalist wallet. I wasted a lot of time.

Trayvax :personne ne met des billets à vue,un beau portefeuille en cuir sera mieux…

This review is garbage as fuck….you missed the best edc wallet, Dango. Toss those all in the trash

I’m out here in Broomfield! CRAZY SNOW ❄️! I was stranded for like 5 hours near Brighton! Lol my edc gear saved me! Great video tho I have a trayvax element coming today actually so I’m curious to see how I like it now!

I love the look of all these but in terms of practicality and use I haven't come across anything that tops the Flowfold bifold wallets.

I have the Trayvax. It is a little hard to use sometimes. I really liked that Flipside wallet. Just ordered one. Got the Trooper Green though.

Been using a flip side over 5 years now. It’s held up fine. Love it. They also have a piece that clips onto the side that will hold about 10 business cards.

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