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Which Automatic Knife Should You Buy? | Knife Banter Ep. 46

Bokers and Bucks and Protechs, oh my! If you’ve been thinking of buying an automatic knife, you’ve come to the right place! Check out all our autos here:

Read our Automatic Knives Blog Post:

Knives in order of appearance:

Boker Kalashnikov:

Boker Mini Kalashnikov:

Schrade SC60:

Boker Magnum Auto:

Boker Strike:

Kershaw Launch 1:

Kershaw Launch 2:

Kershaw Launch 3:

Kershaw Launch 4:

Kershaw Launch 5:

Kershaw Launch 6:

Kershaw Launch 7:

BRS Warhead:

Protech Magic “Whiskers”:

Protech TR-3:

Buck 110 Auto:

Benchmade CLA:

Benchmade Adamas:

Microtech LUDT:

Gerber Covert & Mini Covert Auto:

Gerber 06 Auto:

Piranha Bodyguard:

Sog Spec Elite I:

Brian Tighe Custom Tighe Breaker:

Hogue A01 Microswitch:

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28 replies on “Which Automatic Knife Should You Buy? | Knife Banter Ep. 46”

these videos don't give enough info into if its really worth the money for the more expensive knives. IE how much better is the kershaw launch 1 vs boker kalashnikov? Is it definitely worth the $60 or only a slight upgrade, and why

You REALLY forgot the Benchmade Infidel. That's one of my favorites. the 3300, the big one πŸ˜‰ I absolutely love the dagger-blade there go direct our of the knifes nose, not sure what their name is in English, it's not a swiss-blade, like the once the use here. Actually, they use the Benchmade Infidel in every single season of Walking Dead. And it is a very snappy automatic knife, and if it SHOULD fire in your pocket(a STUPID place to have an automatic knife, and I never heard of it, it's too good made, and nothing will trigger it only your thumb, but even if it did, the tension and forward movement can be stopped by 4 thin sheets of paper for security, and if it does so, the blade 'hangs,' and you need to pull the blade full out to put it back in working order. A great safety. I would have absolutely NO use for NOT stopping the blade, as you can't just put it to someone's stomach and trigger it, it would not even penetrate a jacket, a shirt a little maybe :), I like that, and the ways you use it, it shouldn't matter πŸ™‚ Thank you for a lovely video, but maybe you had not planned on showing a blade like the Infidel and Pagan, I missed them here.

Thomas sucks ben, was this mail bag the reason you stepped down from blade banter lol jk

With all the democrats in Minnesota, will I see a legalized Auto or OTF knife in Minnesota my lifetime?

The Benchmade 9052 AFO II Tanto Automatic Knife (3.56" Satin) isn’t on here. πŸ™

So…. how about us guys with not much money to spend? What's the VERY BEST auto, OTF or otherwise, for LESS than $50.00?

Great videos! You mention some of them have a sharp guarantee, BUT it's not legal for regular people to put Automatic's in the US Post…

The buck with its original close ….that is very cool . Buck prob the first knife we all remember.

Ben don't sweat it your the best buds. Blade HQ and all it's people are the best. I try to ab a knife to my collection at least once a month. You guys rock. Is that enough love for you ?

I ordered a Benchmade AFO tanto from you guys and I LOVE IT! Delivery was super fast and you guys beat Benchmades website price by 50$. I got it to replace my barrage. It’s nice as well but the valox handle just feels cheap.

My EDC for the past 14 years has been a Benchmade 3550. A little spendy, perhaps, but worth every penny.

I got an auto adamas for Christmas in 2017 and I've carried it every day except for the handful of times when I couldn't carry it and it has worn in beautiful and is still as solid as the day I got it even after the abuse I've put it through cutting drywall, cutting wires and hacking through branches it's still ticking

I got a micro tec udt ,an boker 47 both have gone off in my pocket they seem to sometimes hit my knee brace. Bad knees from army paratrooper anyway even with recessed buttons still love both knives but maybe that might help someone

Sog knives are garbage flea market trash. I've never seen one of their folders that didn't have blade play. Straight up junk. And most of the blades are aus 8.

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