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The Indestructible Knife | Mora Robust

We tested the Mora Robust to it’s limits! is it robust? Watch to find out!

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Mora Robust:
The Mora Robust is (obviously) a robust fixed knife. The blade is thicker than that of other Mora knives, so it can be used for heavy duty. The rubber handle is ergonomically shaped and offers good grip.

Because the blade is made of carbon steel it is important to maintain the blade properly. Carbon steel is not stainless and should therefore be stored clean and dry.

The plastic sheath is pretty solid and holds the knife tightly. The blade clicks inside the sheath and the bottom of the holster has a hole to drain water if needed.

There is a belt clip included to carry the sheath on your belt or to secure it to another sheath. This makes it possible to stack multiple knives from this series on top of each other. Especially useful when you have a serrated knife and want to carry plain edge knife as well. Releasing the sheaths goes really easy by rotating the button that secures them.


Brand: Mora of Sweden
Type of knife: bushcrafting knife
Type of steel: Carbon steel
Best use: bushcraft
Blade length: 8.9 cm
Blade shape: clip point
Length: 20.5 cm
Handle length: 11.7 cm
Blade height: 2.3 cm
Blade thickness: 3.2 mm
Way of sharpening: scandi
Type of edge: plain edge
Finish blade: polished
Colour: black, grey, silver
Weight: 102 gram
Material handle: rubber
Sheath: yes
Material sheath: plastic
MOLLE-compatible: no
Country of origin: Sweden
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: lifetime

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17 replies on “The Indestructible Knife | Mora Robust”

I doubt that Mikkie B and Maarten will see this, but I want to put it out there anyway. I remember three years ago when this was posted. I had seen a few videos before that point but wasn't tracking them super hard, but then this dropped and I fell in love with this channel. Three years later, this video has skyrocketed in terms of popularity, with 2.56 million views and yet only 24 thousand likes. I was going through some mental troubles back then, with my two favorite things to think about being suicide and knives, and having these two blokes come back week after week and cheer me up after a rough day at school was what kept me going some days. I can't thank these two enough for all they've done for the community, and I can largely attribute my affection for knives and the outdoors to these two, and they have my eternal thanks for that. Best decision I made on YouTube was subscribing to these two, and be sure to like this video so that hopefully others can find them and get them the attention that they deserve. God speed, DBK. God speed.

After watching this incredible test, you needn´t another one else! Your Video is the perfect PR for Mora.

Good knife for workers & construction? I used it too cut the silicone seal around an air-conditioner when removing the air-conditioner from a caravan window. It pulled the blade right out of the handle.

I tip tested mine for fun on the nastiest piece of wood I have. The very tip kinda broke. I had to make it a "dropped point" but it is very pointy again.

Mine will be here day after tomorrow, never had one, don't know that I need one but, I've got one.. Can't wait to learn to hand sharpen and strop it With a diamond emulsion and see if I can replicate or maybe improve factory sharpness and finish.. Who cares if I can as long as I can put an edge on it the right way.. I went with mora not because their rep, but the price point but after that video if it can slice food it could be my new goto knife

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