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Survival Kit In A Can Review – Survival Gear

The Survival Kit in a Can has a lot of survival gear items packed in what looks like a sardine can. In this video we take a look and see just what comes in the can and if it is any good.

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If you are hungry enough Brian, that candy might taste like a turkey dinner ! No, just kidding, another thing is any diabetic could benefit from eating that candy in a pinch.

You could use a nail to punch a hole through the can and tape to make the makeshift signaling mirror more accurate and the salt will replace lost electrolytes if youโ€™re sweating.

Thanks now I don't have to open mine.. it was 8 dollars at Runnings
I'll keep it in my car

HOLA MI AMIGO gracias for taking the time for your presentation.very cool.for people that are not all that aware…gracias

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