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NEW – Gerber Bear Grylls BASIC Survival kit – REVIEW – Best Survival Kit around $20 US?

NEW – Gerber Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit – REVIEW from – Is this a worthwhile kit for basic survival?

Let’s take a look at the Gerber Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit 31-000700… and see who this kit is for and who should consider a different survival kit.

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Petroleum Jelly – Portable Size – For Cottonball Tinder Fuel:
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14 replies on “NEW – Gerber Bear Grylls BASIC Survival kit – REVIEW – Best Survival Kit around $20 US?”

I just got a kit tonight on clearance for $5 at walmart. It came with sewing needles and thread instead of matches.

I just got this kit . no matches i got a sewing kit instead . i always have Chapstick on me good instead of petroleum jelly i did put some of my own fishing hooks into it .

Best Survival Kit, are not Gerber Survival Kit.

This are:

"T. O. P. S. Snap Kit" – there are only, one Crap thing, Firesteel are to thin, buy a Backup.

I hate "Survival Kit", with lots of bandages – there are never enough – Only to small scrapes – a Pacifire, to Children.

I have the Gerber multi-tool and love it and the kit you mentioned sounds nice and I could add it to my backpack with everything I have for camping out. Thanks for sharing this information with us and I will check out the product on Amazon and order it.

Good basic kit in urban areas. But i prefer a kit more like sas or devgrus survival kit. How the hell could they miss fishing kit and a sewing kit???

I started by buying this kit I now have 500$ kit. This stuff is very addictive and could make you keep spending all your money till you have the perfect survival kit. It's extremely hard to stop!!!

Just throw in some water purification tablets and a silver blanket then it will be a half decent survival kit.

There are many of factors in prepping.
One place I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Survivor Crusher System
(check it out on google) definately the most incredible survival website that I have ever seen.
look at the awesome free video.

Dont flick the knife open the lock goes over too far and its hard to get back and my knife came blunt but not sure if you can buy them sharp in sydney and i saw the knife somewere and it was 22 dollars including gst

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