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EDC Review Roundup for 2018-2019

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“Bugging Out and Relocating”

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13 replies on “EDC Review Roundup for 2018-2019”

Started off with a 'simple' blackout (electricity out) bag. It actually gave me the motivation to develop a proper 'bug out bag'. I found that I pretty much had most of the items, already, it's just that they were 'all over the place'. The trick!!! — I just needed to 'centralize', then just progressively treat both as an ongoing work in progress. They then both naturally 'grew', 'matured', over time, but without becoming 'bloated'.

LG makes very solid phones, depending on the phone depend on the case needed. Some seem to be making them weaker so they come back in for repairs

I have a lot of this stuff, I just rotate through it and it always comes in handy from my work building being cut off from power to doing a simple side of the road car repair… Every guy should carry this stuff

Thanks for sharing! I know some of the gear is old but I would love to have affiliated links for them.

Hi, loved your channel and books for many years. Almost at the end You mentioned first steels for sak. Were you talking about the ones linked here? Saw them on a different channel recently and got a set on order so I can't comment about them but look fine for use in a pinch. I've carried a midnight manager for ages because it has a built in (very weak) torch. What do you think of that model? My only negative is what you said, the plastic scales break with even normal use, usually after several years. With the torch the weak point on the scales is the battery holder so that's broken on two of mine and that means a glue repair was impossible. So ==> FAO PASSING VICTORINOX MARKETEER <== Please do a version of the manager series with ALOX scales!
BW and jeep the videos coming!

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