Budget 72 Hour Survival Kit in a Can Review — $19.95

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My review of the Survival Kit In A Can by Omega Survival Supply
To purchase: http://bit.ly/1DArmAq
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The following is an excerpt from http://www.omegasurvivalsupply.com

“Our kit, assembled right here in southern Ohio, is sealed air and water-tight in a “hearty soup” style can. Weighing in at a hefty 1.2 pounds, we are confident you’ll have all the basics for 72 hours, or longer.

The contents of the kit follow:

1,000 calories in emergency food bars — they’re quite good…similar to a dry Christmas cookie.

14-function swiss style camp knife including signal mirror, LED flashlight, scissors, 2.5″ blade, 1.5″ blade, leather punch, can opener, bottle opener, small and medium flat head screwdrivers, button compass, leather threader, corkscrew, file, mini phillips driver/pick.

3 potable water tablets for making 3 safe-to-drink quarts of water for hydration.

1 emergency blanket for applying to a hypothermic person, or to keep yourself from becoming wet or cold.

3 storm-proof, ultimate matches. 3 standard, water-proof matches. Strike paper. 4 fire starting cubes.

3 bandaids, 1 anti-biotic ointment, 2 sterile “pop-up” hand towels, 1 tampon (for normal or multi-use).

1 survival fishing kit with bobber, 7 hooks, 30′ of 8 lbs. test line, 4 artificial lures, 4 sinkers.

1 plastic lid, 1 aluminum can/cup.

It’s a real kit with actual, useable contents designed to keep you alive for 72 hours minimum with the potential to keep you alive, warm, fed and useful for a week or longer depending on your level of expertise.”


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FLsheepdog1 says:

Good job, you put one of the most important things right up front – the price!

iremanguitars says:

Too long of an ad in the beginning bro

Jaymo says:

3 days? All I need is a lighter a cotton ball. A flashlight. a bottle water. A knife. And a plastic ziplock bag to waterproof the lighter. It's only 3 days lmao.

Loren Husky says:

These kits are cool but there's something that bothers me about them. They're sealed, so if the factory accidentally forgot something, you're not going to find out until you need it.

Because it's current year says:

I don't get why they give you 6 matches and 3 fire starters. if you need fire, you want a bic, just put a bic in the can

Lachlan Pickles says:

Can you not buy these anymore?

Mike says:

its useless as shit…

prdanpr 82 says:

can't they add more matches, I see lots of survival kits and lots of people only put 3-5 matches, I have a full pack, gotta take into oconsideartion wind, rain and fire might not start on first match

Ralf Puppe says:

Can you Cook in the Box ?? Rubber inseit. .greetings from germany

privateer prepper says:

let's ramp that up to a #10 size can. lol

Warren Freeman says:

what a joke

Warren Freeman says:

what a joke

Addie Hinz says:

Your gonna starve to death

JE Nicholas CS:GO says:

you could literally buy the contents in the kit for like 10 dollars hahahha

Farm the Corn says:

water is soooooooo much more important than food you can live without food for a long time

Farm the Corn says:

ha tampon i wouldnt be worrying about that in a serious emergency. paper towels and rubber bands

Ken Isbell says:

Imodium. If you need it, you really need it.

sharpuslf says:

THis can is the biggest piece of shit I have seen in a while. In its place I would use a coffee can, metal camp mug, bic lighter birthday candles. I'm now better prepared, and 15 dollars richer.

Hunting and Fishing says:

Awesome kit

debbie DJ beard says:

it's easy to fish without fish gear put hand in water and grab them I do it all the time

Melissa Gentry says:

hey bug do a review on a fallout survial kit thanks.

MasterK9Trainer says:

I wasn't going to watch this video because while I would never buy a ready made kit, but I was curious to hear your impressions. For those with little knowledge or experience, it's helpful to get people thinking and motivated. If this kit serves as a launch point then it's has value. Some might buy it and some will figure why not just put their own kit together.

My one concern, being in Florida, is that while reuse of cans is cheap and convenient, is that they rust in just days. So while a fan of DIY projects, I would have to advocate using good quality water bottles and cookware. Have you ever tried using cans or had a problem with anything seemingly rusting beyond your ability to prevent or control it? Metal can be painted, but that can pose a health risk particularly when trying to cook with them. And our knives are exposed all the time.

Josh dude says:

I would have paracord wrapped around all the stuff inside so maybe like 10 to 12 feet of paracord

Pablo Oliva says:

So u are supposed to start a fir with just 3 matches ?

delreydavid says:

I never see the use in bringing band aids with you. IMO they are only useful to make a little kid feel better about a scraped knee. They are useless as a real bandage.

Be Awsome says:

a little bit expensive but worth it

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