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Buck 119 Knife Review. The classic revisted and misused. Absolutely no hunting in this video

The Buck 119 is one of the more classic fixed blades you can buy. Invented by Hoyt Buck in the 1900s or something, this knife’s design has stood the test of time. In this review I muse on terrible ways to improve the design, talk about Tom Brown and the TOPS tracker for some reason, and baton. I always baton. Is batoning a knife even worth doing any more? Who cares. Support my channel by, buying the knife through the links below.
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13 replies on “Buck 119 Knife Review. The classic revisted and misused. Absolutely no hunting in this video”

I thought that the 119 and the 120 from buck is only a hunting knife….but I guess if one wants to travel light and not carry a axe….I guess you can use it for wood.

Why the fuck are you battoning with a goddamn hunting knife??? If you want a bowie for that kind of abuse get a 124 or 120, its light for a reason and built for processing game NOT for splitting wood

It also doesn't have a handle full of water proof matches, fire sticks, char cloth and paracord…. How am i supposed tonuse my blood groove with out muh char cloth? Also, Buck, add a whistle and put a compass on the ass.

The obscenities added nothing to this and you sounded uncomfortable using them. Thumbs up anyway.

The 119 is a beauty good for nothing besides scaring people in Scream, or was it the General ? I think the latter….

Buck have some kind of obsession with hollow grinds that I don't understand. I admit that I'm not a hunter but they put hollow grind on everything they make even if the product is not designed for hunting. Spyderco realized that people want saber and full flat grinds, when will Buck?

Its a piece of steel with a sharp edge. At the end of the day, use what you got. It'll work. I wouldn't want to fillet a fish with it, but its doable. Just messier than a knife specifically designed for that. And if someone busts a squirrels piss sack with a six inch blade, they'd probably bust it with a scalpel, too.

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