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$50 Survival Kit Vs. $5000 Survival Kit

Showing How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes! *Links Below*
$50 Survival Backpack from Walmart

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$64.99 Genuine Military Issue GEAR!

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56″ Recurve Phantom Bow:
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60″ Recurve Bow 40lb:
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(Bare) Baby Bear Bowl:
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Hults Bruk Almike Axe:
Maxpedition Tiburon Backpack:
OBOZ Sawtooth Shoes:
Columbia Men’s Waterproof Jacket:
Emberlit Stove Fire Ant:
Emberlit Stove Ti Fire Ant:
Emberlit Stove Sprongs:
2 Liter Hydration Bladder:
Eberlestock Team Elk Pack:
Mystery Ranch 62Liter Pack:
Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Pack:
Eno Double Nest Hammock:
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SOL Rapid Deploy Survival Blanket:
QuickClot Clotting Sponge:
Katadyn Hiker Pro Micro Water Filter:
Katadyn Hiker Pro Replacement Filter:
LifeStraw Water Straw:
LifeStraw Go Bottle:
Sawyer Mini Water Filter:
Sawyer Point One Squeeze:
Peak Refuel Pasta Marinara:
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Outdoor Element FireBiner:
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Fiberlight Firestarter:
Iunio Urban Survival Axe:
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Wagan Tech Camping Lantern:
Fat Rope Sticks 3pk:
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Mini Fishing Boss $9.99:
Mini Signal Boss $9.99:
Fishing/Hunting BOSS Kit:
Fire BOSS Kit: $19.99
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28 replies on “$50 Survival Kit Vs. $5000 Survival Kit”

Where do you land on the Bug Out / Survival Bag? We feel 3 days doesnt cut it…. With water and shelter anyone can last 72 hours. We feel planning for a 2-3 week emergency makes more sense! Tell us your Thoughts Down Below! Also TRAIL LIGHT: Kogalla RA… I ran out of room in the Video Description…

You say people that have been doing this for a very long time 5-10-15 years as if the longer you do it the better gear you use but has anyone ever said to you
the more you know the less you carry? Most the kit the Dave Canterbury recommends in his books is all gear for long term survival that weighs about 80lbs and can be collected and had
for a few hundred even cheaper if you have the means to supply your own things or make your own.

I dont recommend spending lots of money on a bag because if you forget or are robbed or someone breaks into your vehicle or robs your hotel room thats a huge loss and big score for the thieves.
Homeless people survive for many years with far less than even the best Wal mart would have to offer. Primitive people and tribes survive without any of this stuff for years.
Its all about what you know and multiple uses for each piece. Buying this kind of stuff In my opinion is a huge waste of money if you stop and think about it.
You could put that into better road side kits Nicer guns Home security systems, New furniture and clothing.

You are buying like you are going on an expedition to mount Everest. You dont need all that, and Ive followed a good few hikers who often pack very light. With the smallest of backpacks and gear.
People who hike 12-15 miles a day absolutely DO NOT pack with bags like this most backpackers would call you a noob if you had a bag like this. You shouldnt spend so much money
on things like this. That trauma kit you say you spent all that money on. A nurse would tell you most trauma kits are price gouged and you shouldnt spend more than about 60$ on an actual trauma kit with the most expensive item being the tourniquet and the Isreali bandage is only 7$ bought from Tel Aviv Isreal directly. You say multiple times you arent showboating but hate to break it to you you are definitely showboating. This kind of stuff is what rich folk buy because they dont know much about survival and focus on expensive comforts VS modestly priced functional gear.
What ever floats your showboat lol. Nice gear anyhow.

Instructions unclear: Bought a box of tampons to plug gunshot wounds and a pocketbook to keep them in.

thats too much money and too much stuff. if you need to get away fast and hike to a destination, that 5G would be better served on a small camper you can haul. But I know alot of you prepper types are all the way left with the overkill.

Dropforgedsurvival:*exists in shtf *
Prepper with gun: "Hippity hoppity give me your property!"

LMAO. 2 suggestions showboat:
1. SKILLS Dude!! Skills over excessive, unnecessary gear every day, all day long. Gonna lose all that stuff when running from desperate looters or robbed at gunpoint for all those attention getting goodies.
2. Might wanna get some callouses on those soft hands.
Hahaha hang in there, you'll learn.

p.s. Ill outshoot you arrow for arrow with a longbow versus that chinese junk ass flashlight..set up a target..ill show in instructions how to make a real bow when that poor quaility chinese fiberglass breaks..not trolling because honestly youve at least identified a problem..we must work together to fix it. but giving you $5k for anything in camping better come with its own vehicle not just a straw sticking out of a rubber water bottle..for a brisk walk and a few caps on snares thats as good as nothing after 1use

Tmilitary bags are usually at least 50 lbs. If you can't carry 50 lbs or more you're in trouble lol

i would recommend the amazon basics 55 65 or 75 liter hiking backpack for a budget backpack that is comfortable and holds a lot i have used it a little bit and its been great

Stop stop stoooop!!! Why are you calling it a survival kit in the text??
This is what we are calling a camping kit and nothing else 😅

Dude! U should try a becker bk9. Those things are beasts. U can get them for between 80 too over $100. Get one and try it out. Good fot hunting and beasting on wood lol.

I've been buying stuff off wish and I think I've been getting ripped off I'm trying to make a survival bag I got two dogs and it's two people into dogs I want to try to all fit in one bag can you please help me

can anyone explain how theres 99,000+ years of human history 5 pyramids 7 major ancient civilizations temples even king solomon isnt paying and doesnt need a $5000 backpack to get it all done from scratch..tooo many sharpie pens for yooohooo

Damn son, ive been in Vietnam eleven years and don't have that much stuff in my house.
That 5000 dollar bag is way more than what youre going to need.
Anyway….great video .
And South Texas is awesome especially the brush and mesquite country and the coastal bend around Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay.

Its a cool set up and I think you're on the right track. but honestly it look way too big and heavy for long distance hiking under time. this is bugging out, not camping. Id like to see a follow up video of you testing this pack out, picking a point to get to and get there quickly as possible (it could be an evac point, safe zone, maybe you're being pursued ect.). I bet you'll shed half that gear man. keep up the good work though.

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